Monday, October 05, 2015

Soccer (practice) season

The end of summer and first few months of fall bring us back to the park twice a week. Jared is again coaching Jacob's team, and he managed to get Jacob's team's soccer practices scheduled on the same days, at the same time, and at the same field as Claire's, so that means practices only 2 days per week.

Fortunately, it has been beautiful weather for playing in the park! The kids have spent time playing and riding bikes. Liam even learned to ride a bike!

After practices, we have dinner in the park, and on Mondays, we have "Family Park Evening" and watch a little video and play a short game.

We have been especially enjoying the spectacular sunsets! We aren't sure how soccer season will look once we have 4 playing, so we are enjoying it while we can!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Young Capitalism

One Sunday, there was a knock at our door, and a boy with a clipboard and a cabbie cap, surrounded by a few other boys, offered to wash our car for $4!  I couldn't resist - they were planning on doing it using squirt guns instead of a hose!

It was hilarious and cute to watch as the leader of the group walked around the car, inspecting his crew's work. We made sure the boys all would get at least $1.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Precoa Company Picnic

We love the annual Precoa picnic, but this year, we only got to attend for an hour, but the kids had a memorable time! As always, there were lots of things for the kids to do - Claire dominated the rock climbing wall barefoot all the way up to the top!

We couldn't find Kate at some point, and when we did, we found her, face painted, riding a pony... in heaven!

Liam got a fun balloon sword that he wore in an awkward manner

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Mirror Lake

Since it was a three-day weekend and soccer season hadn't started, we felt we needed to take a family hike. We hadn't gone on a hike for a while, so we decided to take a longer hike up to Mirror Lake. When we arrived, we realized how much cooler (and foggier) it was up in Government Camp than it was in Wilsonville! No matter, we pressed on anyways.

Our group trucked up the mountain - I was amazed how fast and cheerfully our group made it - about 3/4 of the way! 

Near the top, we started getting calls for potty from Kate, which slowed us down a bit, but we convinced her we could find a spot at the top, and that helped get us there. Side note - we did find a spot, and she didn't have to go... but was much happier from then on.

Due to the fog (and a bit of a breeze), there wasn't much of a mirror effect at Mirror Lake, so we didn't go all the way around it.

On the way down, the kids really started to find some fun. They were singing, holding hands, and practically skipping down the mountain. It was fun to walk behind them and watch them bounce off of trees, jump off rocks, and move as a team. Also, it was hilarious to watch Kate's owl backpack bouncing!

We got a good view of the valley from the top of the rock slide, one place where the fog was a little thinner.

Torin was a little trooper, despite seeming to come down with a bit of a cold. It was a great experience to share with the kids

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Tiny Torin at 15 months

Torin still loves to wave.  When he's outside, he likes to wave to people walking by or cars driving by. The wave also still is used to say Hi, Bye, Good Night, I want That, Thank You, etc.

Every once in a while, Torin will get into a kissy mood.  Sometimes, he gives a warning by making kissing noises.  Other times, he just starts planting them on you!

Torin has an opinion and he isn't afraid of letting you know it. Sometimes, he will see mom or dad, then start running to the front or back door, then start hitting it, fully expecting to go outside.

Favorite things to do:
- Walk/Run - anywhere!
- Climb on things - he loves to sit in the arm chairs and on the couch (he can't climb up there yet). He loves to climb up to the bed and run around
- Be outside!
- Snuggle with his hippo in bed

- Goofus
- Tora-Torin or Baby (Dani calls him this)

Favorite Foods:
- Goldfish
- Fish Sticks
- Cheese
- Beans!

- Mama
- Daddy
- Hippo (puh-poh)
- No-No/Night-Night
- Ball
- Cheese/Shoes (ssshsheeehsss)
- Bath

Torin does love to sing.  Often, when we are in sacrament meeting (and on the rare occasion that we are in the chapel), we will start singing, and Torin will join in.  In the car, especially, he loves to sing.

Monday, August 31, 2015

First Day of School

These two are starting 4th grade! They are in the same class again this year and have been very excited to get back to see their friends.

Kate and Liam started their 2nd year of preschool a few weeks later. They seem so big to us!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cub Scouts

Jacob is now a Bear Scout, and Dani's new calling is to be a den mother for the bear scouts, so she gets to be part of his cub scout experience. This last week was their summer camp. They had 3 days of fun. "Danger Day" was day 1 and included setting up a tent, shooting air rifles and bows and arrows

Day 2 was spent at the horse stables, riding and learning all about horses.

The last day was a fun day, spent swimming and playing at a members' home.

Dani is enjoying the challenge of combining efforts with the Wilsonville Ward so that there are more boys in their den and coming up with engaging activities that keep the boys attention, teach them something, and allow them to have fun. It is fun to hear Jacob come home telling us how much fun he is having at cub scouts!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer Staycation

Our trip to Cincinnati was in the very beginning of the summer, and we were definitely feeling the need for a mini vacation. Rather than travel far, we decided to stay close by and enjoy some of the natural beauty of Oregon. Day 1 of our staycation was a trip to Mt. Hood Ski Bowl adventure park.

The day was overcast and threatening to rain nearly constantly, so the park was nearly empty - we enjoyed no lines all day long! The first thing we did was to ride the alpine slide - over and over! Since Torin was with us, only 1 parent went up at a time, 

but that meant that Kate and Liam had time at the base jumping on the bungee tarmpolines and climbing the rock wall. Kate made it a long way up the wall!

The kids had a fun time going fast down the track. Kate especially wanted to go super fast, giggling louder and louder as we went faster down the track.

The other side of the park was filled with fun! The kids took countless runs on the tubing hill. Even Torin took a few rides!

Liam was a little creative in how he got the tube up the hill.

On the other end of the park, there was a little go kart that Liam and Kate got to drive. We quickly learned that neither one of our 4-year-old twins are very good drivers! Liam got some close instructions

and then proceeded to drive into a tree on the first turn! He came back over and over and eventually got the hang of it!

Kate's turn around the track was even worse than Liam's! After making the first turn (barely missing the red go kart), she drove off the side, then into the center median and over one of the rocks, then, rather than make the 180 degree turn, he didn't even try to turn and drove straight into the corner! The operator pulled her back again, and walked next to her to make sure she made it back to the start line - helping her avoid one more crash into the center median!

We were all so entertained watching Kate and Liam driving their cars.

Torin got to play, too. Dani sat in disgust imagining all of the germs all over the balls in the ball pit.

There were all sorts of other activities - a hamster wheel on water, a pony ride, a Jacob's ladder (which Claire successfully climbed), 

and a put putt course through the woods.

Day 2 of our staycation took us to Seaside, Oregon. Torin discovered that he loves shovels and sand and buckets and the ocean!

We didn't end up building a very large sand castle, in part because Torin loved participating in the creation of and destruction of everything that was being built,

but the kids did spend a lot of their time running into and out of the ocean.

Later in the day, we took a ride in a family-size bike. It was so big and heavy, but there was room for everyone

and Torin got to ride in the front and he was loving it!

We rode all around Seaside with plenty of effort, and we kept having to stop because Jacob was losing his sandals, but we enjoyed it. We rented the bike for an hour and we made it about 45 minutes before we were ready to return it!

It was a super fun vacation!