Sunday, February 19, 2017

What good friends are for

When Taco Bell comes out with an idea as brilliant as the Naked Chicken taco, a taco with a shell made out of fried chicken, it is good to work with a good friend as impulsive as Jim. 
And yes, it was as delicious as it sounds!

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Our new kitchen!

The kitchen took a little longer than planned to get the final doors on, but it is all finished now and we are thrilled!

We refaced the cabinets along the wall from oak to white and island from white to gray, added uppers to the ceiling, including the glass doors near the sink, and added a desk and cabinets next to the stairs.

The kitchen feels so much lighter and bigger, and there is so much more storage space. We love having the built-in desk matching the rest of the kitchen. With the 7 of us, that's a big bonus. We absolutely love it!

Saturday, December 31, 2016



"You're funny. You're not hilarious. Hilarious is an overstatement."
- Claire's response to Jared's proclamation that Claire thinks he's hilarious. Thanks Claire

"Could we go to the Korean War Memorial Park? Or is that offensive to you?"
- Jacob to Kaci when she was staying with the kids while Jared and Dani were in Cancun

"Maybe you should try parking in 2 spots ... just in case."
- Jacob to Kaci as she was parking the Yukon at the Korean War Memorial Park. She parked in 1, which Jacob expressed that he was impressed!

"you mean, vacay?"
- Jared was talking about the upcoming vacation to Costa Rica - fortunately, Kate was around to keep him up to date on the current lingo

"Fingernail polish!!!"
- Kate was so excited about Amber's gorgeous nails that she missed the glittering rock on her finger!

"Torpedo chips"
- 3/6 - Pita Chips

"This is CWAZY!!!"
- 3/28 - Dani hears this, and then walks in the bathroom to see Kate sitting the other direction on the toilet!

"Rollercoasters, lollipops, and candy"
- 10/9 - Kate's vision of paradise

"I am grateful for Nana because the food she makes tastes so good. And ... this one is funny ... because she farts a lot"
- 10/9 - Kate's describing what she's thankful for Nana for.

"Maybe? ... but maybe not?"
- Liam's response, 1 finger raised, as Jared and Dani were heading out the door to Costa Rica, to the question, "Liam, are you going to throw a fit when the Wii gets turned off?

"How do armpits get stinky?
- the questions you ask your aunt Kaci!!!

"We'll see..."
- Liam's response to Kaci when she asked him if he would listen next time (so he didn't lose another treat). He tells the truth at least!!!

"Daddy... I can't find my undies!!!"
- 5/1, in the bathroom in the church! Fortunately, Dani was prepared to help little commando Liam!

"De [buckle] [tie] [lock]" - as in, "Daddy, I de-locked the door for you!"
- June - Liam's variations of words instead of "un"

"I love you mamma"
- summer and beyond. Liam says it all the time, sometimes when he's just sitting next to her at dinner, sometimes when he's in trouble, sometimes in the middle of a conversation, sometimes from across the house. We LOVE it!

"I brushed my teeth twice. It can last me 2 days!"
- 12/22

- Torin wants all the lights on in the entire house - including the one in the oven, under the microwave, and the plug-in candle.

"Taco Bell!  Taco Bell!"
- May/June - When Torin hears we are going to get dinner (whether on bike or in the car), he starts a chant for what he wants.

"No Mom, Daddy do it!"
- All.Year.Long

"Sonk" "Sink" "FinG"
- Torin's "ing" and "ong" end in hard consonants - like the words, Song, Sing, and Find.

"It's for my birfday" and "It's for my Christmas"
- End of the year - Torin is claiming that everything is his. He's now come up with an excuse

"I LOVE these Mother's Day coupons - and so far, they're reusable!"
- 2 days of coupon use, 2 days of NO KIDS out after bedtime!!!

too many to list because he's hilarious!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Traveling with this crew

We do a lot of travel during the summer, driving many hours. This summer, we added a few stops to our normal route and enjoyed time in places we don't always see.

On our way to Island Park, we stopped at Kaci's house. Toby and Tyler stayed up late with the adults the first night, cracking us up! The next morning, the big kids played with NERF guns, and Kate and Torin were content to play with Kamryn's bunny.

On the way to Island Park, we spent a few hours with Grandpa Walters in his home. Patrice and Austin came and joined us as well. It was good to see and visit with Grandpa!

We also took Dani and the kids to Granny's grave site. The monument was new since Jared had been there last year for the funeral. It was special to have the whole family there.

Here's a picture of the fully-loaded Yukon because it's important to remember just how much stuff we would have to bring! We haven't had to resort to a car-top carrier just yet.

Driving through Idaho leaves the front of the Yukon looking gross!

Driving out of Island Park, we took a short detour to watch Old Faithful. It was a super hot day in Yellowstone!

Jared spent part of the week back in Portland, flying out of Cody. He considered getting some food at the Cody airport 'restaurant,' but couldn't find anything he wanted in the limited selection.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Streeter Family Reunion - Part 1 - Island Park

For the third time, we all joined together at Island Park for a week of fun on the lake. This time, we were all able to fit into the same cabin, which we enjoyed. The cabin itself was unique - it was interesting because it was an older cabin that had a huge addition added onto it where the majority of the family stayed.

The lake this year was nice and full - but had a strong presence of algae and as a result, was quite green!

That did not stop us from spending a lot of time on the lake! The kids all loved the tube and spent lots of time behind the boat on the tube.

Everyone had a riding partner - Kate and Bentley, Jacob and Breckin, and Claire and Brighton. Liam picked different partners each time. 

The best pictures we got were the adults - David and Kylie got an especially wild ride, and the looks on Liam's and Heath's faces are hilarious (Heath said he just had eaten a bug!)

The dads took the 2-year-olds on the tube together. Liam was pretty quiet the whole time and wasn't sure whether he was enjoying the ride or not.

Another highlight of the trip were the paddleboards. The kids and adults all spent a lot of time paddling around the docks and lake. 

The kids spent a lot of time together. Kate and Bentley were together just about every minute of the day.

As always, the adults all got some good waterskiing in. There were a few times that the water was super calm. Other times, there were, "TOO MANY BOATS" as John said over and over!

The old man even spent some time up on a ski! 

One of the highlights was Jacob getting up on skis! We LOVE everything about this picture - Jacob being up on skis, how excited he is, and his T-Rex arms! He held this pose throughout his 1-minute plus ride!

One night, we had a bonfire. Jared and David spent an hour outside chatting. then Torin and Grandpa spent some time hanging out. That night, we also had a pinata.

We brought a funny book from our library that we used for bedtime stories. Yep, classy.

We brought games for the cousins and they played games every day. Grandma bought goggles for all the kids, and they wore them everywhere.

The sunsets each night were gorgeous - I don't think that pictures quite do justice to how pretty the sunset was each night. We enjoyed the peace and tranquility every night.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Surfs up at Pacific City

Some of Jared's co-workers decided it would be fun to go surfing at Pacific City, and we had a free weekend, so we decided to join them. As often happens, the drive wasn't without incident (Jacob!), but we made it to Pacific City.

As we arrived, we were stopped by a parade - what an added bonus! It apparently was the Dory Days Parade. What is a Dory? Not just a little blue fish on Finding Nemo - it is a type of fishing boat. This particular style is launched directly off the beach. We saw lots of creative boats, got some candy, and chuckled at the final "float" - the town's traveling car repairman, operating out of an old, rusty brown full-size van with a magnetic sign on it!

It was a beautiful day, but the ocean is still super cold, so Jared rented a wet suit for himself and one for the kids to share. Jacob got the first turn and did some body boarding. Claire was in the entire time too, even without the wet suit!

As always, the kids ran back and forth carrying water to their sand creations.

Torin preferred staying in the sand, but he loved playing and digging alongside the kids.

It was such a fun day!

Friday, July 15, 2016

We have an apple tree

Our neighbor's apple tree has apparently gotten too big for its own good and is now draped over our fence.

and that means lots of apples to pick! They're okay to eat plain, but make some good applesauce!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy Birthday to Kate and Liam

Kate and Liam had a short daytime birthday party, with cake and ice cream, a game.

Dani bought a little (seriously, little) pinata, and held it (while holding Torin) with a stick as the kids took whacks at it with a mini bat.

It is hard to believe these two are already 5! We love their little personalities. As different as they are, they have become good little friends and play well together.

The stats:
3 feet 7.5 inches (75%)
41.5 pounds (60%)

3 feet 7.5 inches (60%)
49.5 pounds (90%)

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

A little extra travel on an already long travel schedule

Between flying across the country, from Portland to DC, then taking a road trip from DC to Cincinnati, followed by a flight home from Dayton, we knew we were going to have quite a few hours of travel. For the most part, it went without a hitch - even if Torin isn't the best airplane or road-trip sleeper!

There was one pretty big hitch, though, in Dayton. After boarding, we were de-planed for mechanical reasons (minutes after all the restaurants in the airport closed) and ended up staying the night (fortunately in an adjoining room) and having to fly out the next morning. The kids took everything very well for the hours we waited in the airport.

While we were waiting, not knowing if the flight would be cancelled or not, one of other passengers pulled out a book he had purchased for his son, Dr. Seuss Sleep Book, and read it to the kids. Before he read it, he asked them, "do you mind if I read in an accent?" and he read in a southern accent. It was hilarious! It was a long book, and he was great for reading to them!

Since it was the 4th of July, we ended up seeing some fireworks from a distance on the shuttle from the airport to the hotel. We counted that as a small blessing!