Saturday, April 18, 2015

Jacob and Claire's birthday

These 2 are 9 today!!!  We love the relationship they share - they spend so many hours of every day together, and they are best buddies.  We are so proud of them and are grateful every day for them being part of our family.

They decided they wanted to have their birthday party at the bowling alley.  It was a fun, and pretty crazy time for the boys - Logan, Dax, and Trey.  By the end, the boys were dragging the bowler who was unsuccessful at knocking down all pins off the alley.  

The girls, Alexandra and Leslee, were much more calm.  They had a fun time and were pretty quiet and reserved.

This picture happened while we were there.  Classic Kate.

We had cake and ice cream afterwards, and the kids enjoyed a very Star Wars, Lego, and book-heavy haul of presents.  It was a great birthday, and a fantastic way to start year 10!

Life as a 5th child

During Jacob and Claire's birthday party, Liam happened to spill some ice cream on the floor.  Opportunistic Torin, who was apparently overlooked for cake and ice cream, decided to take matters into his own hands by crawling over to the melted ice cream and lapping it up.

My favorite part of the whole video is the look of joy on his face when he realized how yummy what he found was!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ten Month Torin

It is amazing how fast Tiny Torin is growing!  He has some awesome leg rolls, and he definitely doesn't feel tiny carrying him around all over the place!

He has been "crawling" for a little over a month, and is just starting to pick up some speed.  When he doesn't have a shirt on, he'll crawl normally, but otherwise, he tends to drag his belly on the ground.  He is getting into everything now!  He's quite happy and loves attention from his siblings.  

We recently put the gate back at the top of the stairs, but the bottom bracket was pulled out of the wall, so we have been gate-less for a few days.  Last night, Torin crawled quickly over the stairs  -Jared was waiting for him to do so and let him fall a bit but caught him.  Tonight, he went over to the stairs, put his hand over the stair, then turned around.  He repeated this a number of times.  Perhaps we won't have to do a gate afterall (which is best for everyone since many times the gate was left open even when it should've been shut!)

Torin is very observant - he often watches things going on around him with his mouth agape.  Hopefully he's learning all good things from his siblings!  He is ticklish around his neck, blowing on his belly, or giving 'aggressively' kissing his cheek.

Torin is loved by all!

- waving hi
- kicking the ball.  When we hold him up by his armpits, he's kick both of his legs and say "keekeekee."
- so big (after which he tries to clap for himself, but he's not so good at clapping)
- signing more (he's not very good at this, but he's definitely enthusiastic when he can have beans)

"Words."  We're pretty sure Torin is saying certain things.  Tonight, for example, as I was putting him to bed, he looked up at me from his crib and clearly said "Daddy."  He then said "aah" (his way of saying Hi) as I said "Hi Torin."  We keep trying to get him to say Mama, but he's having none of that right now.
- Daddy
- Hi (aah, while waving)
- Get it ("deedeet")
- kick, kick, kick ("keekeekee")

Favorite things:
- Food: beans, bananas, or any dessert
- Toy: noise making toys
- Bath tubs - he loves to stand at the tub and especially loves to take a bath!
- Dishwasher
- Bathroom, including the garbage can, toilet, and toilet brush (eww!!!)
- Pulling things off shelves or out of cupboards (books, Tupperware, diapers, etc)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Ski trip with Jacob and Claire

We have been planning a ski trip with Claire and Jacob for a few weeks, and we finally got around to it on the last day of spring break.  It has been super warm, and Mount Hood hasn't gotten a lot of snow, so we prepared for a nice warm day.  Fortunately, it really was warm (almost 70 degrees!), since the first thing we did when we got up to the resort is realize we didn't bring coats for Jacob and Claire, and that they would be wearing the light jackets I had brought for myself, and I wouldn't be wearing a jacket!  Claire shows just how big the jackets were on them - they looked a little like minions!

We started the day on the magic carpet - the very beginners area.  There was a nice covered ride up a short slope, and we did that a few times.  The snow was warm enough that really needed to just ski straight so we didn't stop!

We went over to the Buttercup lift, and, since we were 3 and the lifts are for just 2, Jacob got to get on and off the lift all by himself.  He confidently got on, and successfully got off!  Claire was a great little lift buddy.  At the end of the day, I asked her what her favorite part of the day was, and she answered, "riding on the ski lifts."  Cute girl.

The kids did well!  Snowplow wasn't really their style, so we just pointed the skis downhill and went.  I encouraged them to make wide turns, and they did a little.  After lunch, especially, they started to get it a little better.  It really did help having the warm wet snow to not allow them to pick up too much speed.

By the end of the afternoon, Jacob convinced me to try the next lift up, Easy Rider.  The first run down was successful, and we passed a little terrain park, which Jacob decided he wanted to try the next run.  He went over a few of the small obstacles without a problem!  It was definitely a proud dad moment!  Claire decided she wanted to do it, but unfortunately, on our next run, which was our last run, they were closing the park.

I took a video of Claire near the end of the day, skiing from the bottom of the terrain park down toward the lift.  One of our favorite parts is how her arms are held kind of like a T-Rex the entire time!

On Jacob's last run of the day, he took a fall right into a large area of slush.  There was literally a small river-like area at the bottom of this slope, and Jacob fell right into it.  The video shows him, with his skis apparently slowing, rolling the windows down right before landing.  I got a picture of him from behind to show just how wet he was!

We had an awesome day, and it left us all wanting more next year!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Lawn mowing buddies

Jared invited Kate and Liam to help him with the lawn recently, and now every time he mows, he has little helpers.  He let's them push it themselves - with a little guidance.

While Liam is not pushing the real lawnmower, he is running around with his own lawnmower.  They love to be part of yard work (most of the time, at least)!

Jacob and Claire asked if they could now the lawn this summer, so they will get a turn this summer.  That should be fun!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pinewood Derby

Pinewood season snuck up on us this year, but fortunately we were able to borrow a scroll saw.  It was pretty funny - we cut the car in our kitchen on the island then had to clean up sawdust, then we painted in the kitchen too.  How manly.

Fortunately, the car finished the race (always goal #1).  He got 2nd and 3rd a few times, so that was a victory too.  Jacob brought his car from last year to race it against his car from this year, and the 2014 car was the winner.  Beginner's luck?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Playing in the backyard

The weather has been so beautiful this month!  That means that we get to put out a blanket on the lawn and let the kids all play.  It is cute to watch Torin play with the kids.  The love to involve him in their games.  Torin stays put on the blanket because he doesn't like the grass!

Another afternoon, after church, we had Trevor over and put out the cornhole set and played cornhole with the kids.  Liam played without his pants, of course.

Ryan and Jessica have been living at Jessica's parents house since they moved back from Houston, and Kate and Liam have had a chance to play with Cason and Evan, digging in the dirt (Liam's favorite!)

Liam is a man of many outfits!

Monday, March 09, 2015

Selfie girls

One of Dani and Kate's favorite things to do is to take selfies together.

Many times, the selfies are taken right after Kate's nap (and during Dani's resting time).

I love these girls

and Liam too!!!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Getting crafty (kind of)

We decided one Saturday that we should do something a little different than the usual, so we decided to do some crafts.  We headed over to Home Depot in Sherwood where the kids got to don orange aprons and build book ends.

I didn't get a picture of the finished product, but the kids were delighted with being able to use their own hammers, choose their own paint colors, and make something themselves.  It was a lot of fun!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Silver Falls 10k mud run

It took some convincing from Jim and Jason, but I ran the Buck Mountain Mudslinger, a 10k run through Silver Falls State Park.  

The trail was a bit muddy, and the hills were long, but I was happy to make it all the way to the end!  I was a little nervous about it given that my knee was still a little sore, but I made it and felt pretty good at the end.  It was great to run it with friends!

This cute girl and cute baby were among those who were waiting for me at the finish line - and they arrived just in time!

Afterwards, we went for a hike to Upper South Falls with the kids.

We hiked down to the bottom of the waterfall.  About the time we got down there, we realized that Jacob had a baseball evaluation a little over an hour later - and it is about an hour-long drive back home... after the hike up to the car!  We booked it up the trail and made it only a couple minutes late!