Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Little buddies

It's getting really fun to watch Claire and Jacob play together. Claire played peek-a-boo with Jacob while he was in the swing, she would reach up and look at Jacob in the swing, they'd both laugh, then Claire would go to her belly. Then, she'd reach up and look at Jacob again and they'd laugh. Thanks to our video camera, Dani caught this on tape so I could see it!

The other day, Dani was taking a little nap on the couch (the kids have been getting up earlier these days) while Claire and Jacob were playing in the 'Sycamore Room' (their playroom). She woke up to the sounds of pattering on the linoleum and little baby laughs. She walked into the front entry hall to see Claire crawling (or awkwardly moving forward, which is more accurate to what she actually does) and Jacob crawling behind her. Claire would then turn around and both kids would erupt in laughter, Jacob falling to his belly. Then he'd get back up and start crawling, and Claire would get going to get away. Then she'd turn around again and both would laugh. It was their first game of chase!

I think this picture of Jacob might be the cutest we have. Figures that this is the only recent picture that Claire isn't smiling in!

Jacob was done taking pictures and decided to take off.

But mom wasn't done yet. Sit back down Jacob!
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Monday, January 29, 2007

More crib-time smiles

Dani and I watched the last hour of video we took on our video camera (which, by the way, covered just 1 1/2 months) and we realized how many videos we have of them in their cribs. They really love playing together and are interacting now more than ever, it's a lot of fun to see.

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Baby Blue eyes!

Look at those big blue eyes!
Claire is becoming quite the smiley baby when the camera is out - say Cheese!
One of their favorite times of the day is when they wake up from naps and get to play in the crib together - it's also one of Dani's favorite times of day!

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Picture time with so many kids is fun!

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Amber brought home some fun presents from south of the Equator. Here, Jacob and I are sporting the Colo Colo jersey and Matt and Clayton are wearing the Chilean national team jerserys. Let's play some futbol!

Dani and Jacob intently watch the Christmas Eve Program.

As Claire becomes her own Christmas Eve program playing on the floor.

Aunt Amber and her neices! Lydia looks so much like Camie that it looks like Camie went through a time machine to get into this picture!
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