Thursday, August 16, 2007

Raise your hand if you think Claire looks like her Nana

Grandma Vicki thinks Claire looks just like her Nana. There are certain pictures where Vicki is especially certain. Check out the comparison below.

Nana (a little blurry - sorry!)

Claire (notice a common theme of the pictures Vicki has commented look like Nan? And if you need proof, go look at the comments in the blog and you'll see!)

(From August '07)

(from August '07)
(From May '07)

(January '07)

You be the judge, and tell me if you raised your hand

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Who's the Boss?

Since the blog has been pretty much pictures recently, I'll include a few funny things that Jacob and Claire do.

We love having little ones who are understanding us. When we tell them to go to the car or that we're going outside, they'll sprint for the back door and wait for us. It's getting to the point that Dani and I have to be pretty much ready, because Jacob and Claire don't exactly enjoy waiting at the door for us. They also love getting their shoes on because they know we're going outside!
Claire and Jacob are really starting to figure out how to ask for help. The toy in the picture below makes noise and lights up when turned on. When turned off, Jacob and Claire will come over to us, holding the toy out, knowing that by doing that we'll turn it on.
Last night, we were celebrating our friends Ellie Lesan's first birthday (where Rob learned that even after a candle is blown out, the wick is still hot!). There's a stair down from their eating area to the family room, and neither Jacob nor Claire wanted to go backward down the stair, so they waited with an outstreached hand, and tried to get someone's attention to help.

A week or so ago, Jacob had taken Claire's toy, and after a few seconds of complaining, Claire appeared in the kitchen, grabbed Dani's finger, pulled her into the play room, and stopped where Jacob was playing with the stolen toy, as if to say, "See what Jacob did!" We consider it the first instance of tattling - I'm sure there are many more to come!

Claire, by the way, has taken the role of boss upon herself. She likes to talk with her finger pointed at the listner as if giving them instructions. The red hair/first child/female instincts are taking over!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Getting Big!

We're on to the next phase - and it's going to be messy! Jacob was actually able to get some applesauce and beans onto his spoon. Look right under his chin, and those are some that didn't make it!
Claire had a blast and would not allow us to help her. We had to get a separate spoon to feed her with
Big man in some big shoes!
One of their new favorite things to do is to turn around in the car and honk the horn with their bum. They think it's hilarious - as do we!
In other news, congratulations to my car which surpassed 200,000 miles!