Friday, October 22, 2010


Some of our favorite funny things kiddos say:

"Pork" or "Porking" - Poke, or poking. Used in a sentence - "Claire keeps porking me!"

"Blenders" - Lenses (for Jacob). Typically said in Jacob's really important voice.

"Worm" - Warm, as in "I want the tub to be worm." Claire is especially funny when she says this.

"Persh" - Push. We try to get them to say this one all the time because it's funny.

"Pew" - For a long time, Jacob didn't know the word "gun," so he would call it by the sound it makes.

"Peeps" - if "poo-poos" can be shortened to "poops", than, logically, "pee-pees" can be shortened too!

"Lasterday", "Last Day", "Next Day", "This Day". Yesterday, tomorrow, and today. I'll admit to singing the Beatles "Yesterday" using "Lasterday" instead.

"Neeeeana" - Nana (for Jacob). We're not sure if Nana finds this endearing or not!
"Hadded" - "I hadded to hit the ball"
"Squirk" - Would it be a squirk pew?
"Forenoggin" - In Finding Nemo, Crush and Squirt (the dad turtle and the little turtle - yes, we know their names) give each other noggin. Noggins are part of the bedtime routine. One day, Claire decided she no longer hadded a forehead. It was now a Forenoggin.
For fun, here's all of them in a sentence! Imagine Jacob talking to Nana (since he's the one who says 'blenders' and 'Neeana'):
"Neeana, lasterday when I hadded to do my peeps, I brought my pew wiff me and squirked worm water on my blenders, so I purshed them on my forenoggin and I porked myself in my eye."

Friday, October 15, 2010

School photos

Today was picture day at pre-school! Claire reports "I had more pictures than Jacob!" With that in mind, I express my hopes in the following letter:

Dear Mr. Pre-school photographer,

We already have lots of pictures that look like this one.
and this one

We want this kind of smile.
Please find a way to get one that gets a good smile! It's elusive, but it's possible! I would advise that saying "Cheese" does not work well.
Dani and Jared

Sunday, October 10, 2010


At the beginning of September my parents came and brought my second oldest niece Kamryn. They took her sister Kylie to Cincinnati, so it was her turn. We tried to keep busy while they were here, I know this is late and a lot of pictures, but I promise it is only a few compared to what I took.

We went to the Tillamook cheese factory and got yummy cheese and fresh ice cream in an even fresher waffle cone. Then we went to the beach and got seafood at Moe's and played in the sand.
Dad was our kite engineer, it was a little too windy for the kite, so he added some weight to help us get it up in the air. It looked only a little bit cheap.
Jacob liked flying in though.
Grandma helped Kamryn and Claire build a sand castle.
And ran from waves with kiddos.
The beach here is not warm, but it is beautiful.
Claire and Jacob were getting cold, so they spent the last 20 minutes like this.
We also went downtown to the PSU farmers market so my Dad could try Pine State biscuits (yum) and I also got the best huge soft gingersnaps ever.

The same day we went to the Saturday market on the waterfront for lunch.
And people watching. It is the best entertainment.
We also went to the rose test gardens.

Since it was a three day weekend we headed to Bend on Sunday night. Saturday Jared got up early and did some mountain biking while we enjoyed to hotel pool. Then we went to see Bend how my parents remembered it.
And to feed the ducks.
We also went up to the mountain in Bend for a summer sled dog ride. That girl standing there is a several time Iditarod racer who is legally blind. Those dogs were so loud and so excited.
While we were in Bend we got some good BBQ to eat and stopped at the family fun center for some fun.

Mom and I also found some time to take Kamryn shopping and we all went peach, pear, and apple picking and did a lot of fruit eating as well.
Thanks for coming family... can't wait for your next trip!