Saturday, April 28, 2007

Walking man (and a couple other funny pictures)

Jacob has been learning to walk in the past two weeks and is now getting pretty steady on his feet. He's now to the stage of pulling himself up to walk to certain places instead of just crawling He likes to carry stuff around with him as he goes. It's still a pretty stiff-legged walk and is entertaining to watch. He can go all the way across the kitchen, turn, and go down the hallway now. He also likes to climb stairs which has necessitated a gate at the bottom because he hasn't figured out how to go down on purpose (he went down from the 2nd stair not on purpose the other day!)
Here he's visiting his sister - it won't be long before he can do this without dad's help.
Jacob apparently was born with a long tongue!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Our Little Garden

Jared and I have been doing some work outside this week and he made it possible for me to have a little garden like I have wanted since we got our own house. We got rid of some plants we didn't like and Jared gathered a bunch of random rocks from our planters and made a nice rock wall. We don't really expect anything to survive, but we will be glad to see if we can grow anything. We have planted cilantro, chives, basil, jalepenos, and cherry tomatoes. We also planted some regular tomatoes in a planter. Wish us luck!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Birthday Babies!

Happy Birthday Claire and Jacob! April 18, 2006, we welcomed our little babies into the world, and how they've changed since!
Because they are allergic to dairy, they got pumpkin cupcakes.
Jacob was very cute in his birthday hat
As was Claire. Both eventually preferred the Kix to the pumpkin cupcakes.

Birthday Babies!

The Presents!

Claire loved playing with the paper. The presents inside weren't as much of a hit (until the next day)
Jacob is learning how to play baseball! First step is how to hold the bat (2nd step is how not to hit your sister).
Nana got the kids a play table and they love it! They play with it very differently, Jacob gets all the sounds going at the same time, Claire waits for the song or noise to finish before trying another one. Dani can now sing every song it plays.

We are noticing that toys are very loud, but they love them! Nana especially liked getting the loud ones for our kids. We're planning on bringing them over every time we visit!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Jacob and Claire!

You'll have to wait for pictures and details of Jacob and Claire's 1st birthday party Monday. But I will put a few pictures up that are fun to see.

Dani on 4/16/2006:

Dani on 4/11/2007:
She looks so happy (and cute!) to have the kids no longer in her belly! More to come...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


We had a very fun Easter Sunday. Jacob and Claire had very cute coordinating outfits compliments of Grandma Vicki. Jacob was a little too busy for his Easter basket at first (but oh so cute).
Claire eventually discovered the goodies in her basket, she is still a little upset in this picture from having her hair fixed. (Notice the box of Fruity Cheerios in the background, that was their "Easter treat".)
We went to Nana and Papa's house for Easter dinner and Camie and Matt were there with the cousins. It just isn't easy to get a picture of three babies/toddlers.
Jacob loved the plastic eggs, he just couldn't get enough of them.
Claire thought that her Easter gift from Nana was crinkle paper, she would not pay attention to any of the goodies in the basket but emptied the basket of crinkle paper one piece at a time. If I tried to start cleaning up her mess she would pull it out in handfuls.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jacob's Spotlight

Jacob is a lot of fun. He is full of energy and needs to be moving constantly every waking moment. He is a very busy boy and very intense, but so happy. He is such a fast crawler now; here he is after the camera, I barely got the camera to click before he got to me.
Sometimes if you put a busy boy in a new place you can buy yourself a couple of seconds.
He pulls himself up on everything, and he cruises around all the furniture and even on walls; he will even lunge between furniture to stay standing. He is so brave and really wants to walk, he will pull himself up to standing and can actually stand pretty well on his own, but usually gets too excited to get moving and will try to walk before he ever gets his balance. The next two pictures are right before bathtime (hence the dirty face). Jacob goes nuts in his crib when he is awake, he likes to 'march march' and 'bounce bounce'. He also likes to let us know he is awake in the morning by scratching the wall, which is actually REALLY loud.
Who could resist this face?
He loves to explore in the bathroom. We think that he knows bathtime is almost bedtime because he starts into double-time mode when the bathwater starts running. He also really loves screaming right now (happy or sad) and the bathroom is just about the worst place for that because it just rings off of everything in the room. He is such a fun happy boy. Keeping up with him is unreal!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Claire's spotlight

Claire has developed quite a cute personality. She is quick to respond when you talk to her, and she talks to herself (and makes herself laugh) all day long. It'd be fun to know what exactly she's saying!

One of her favorite things to do is to climb into the lowest part of the changing table...
and, one by one, empty every diaper! It's a game she plays daily (if her mom lets her). What a helper!

She's still scooting around on her belly, though she can now pull herself up into a regular crawl. She's also pulling herself up on everything, but she doesn't know how to get herself down (other to have Jacob knock her down).