Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Primary Program

A couple weeks ago was our Primary Program at church. It was Jacob and Claire's first Primary Program. We had been practicing their songs and their lines every time we were in the car. They did a great job, they both delivered their lines unassisted and so you could understand them. Jacob said "Heavenly Father gave me Parents" and Claire said "Heavenly Father gave me family." Their lines were right at the beginning and Jacob ran all the way off the stand to the back where we were after he delivered his line, when we told him he wasn't done and still had songs to sing he was like "oh, oh yeah!" and ran toward the front, but there was someone in both isles directing the song and he tried both isles then ran back crying because his path was blocked. Jared had to help him get by and then he and Claire both sang really well and knew most of the words. It was really fun to watch. I tried to get a decent picture of them when we got home from church, the following pictures are the sequence of my attempts.

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Trying to catch up. We had a fun Halloween this year. I was bummed at first when I found out Halloween would be on a Sunday, I broke the news to kiddos as early as possible, but they were fine when they knew they would trunk-or-treat at the ward party on Friday, and I am fairly certain that they had way more fun handing out candy than they would have trick-or-treating on Sunday. Most of the kids never made it to our door because our excited kids would run out into the driveway with candy when they first spotted them. They yelled "Happy Halloween" and "I like your costume" out the door to everyone. I had to keep calling them back into the house. Here are the obligatory halloween pictures...
Jacob's pirate pumpkin (thanks for the bling Nana).
Jared's tombstone pumpkin.
My happy dude.
Claire's princess pumpkin.

Claire was a princess, but really wearing a bride costume that she insisted on wearing the veil for instead of a tiara, so we compromised on princess bride.

Jacob was "a credible... but you can call me just Jacob the credible"