Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is that one T or two?

One of my favorite 'kiddo-isms' deals with the misplacement of words. Here's one example, while kiddos were playing and I was making dinner:

Me: Jacob, do you want to have reading time with Mamma before dinner?
Jacob: I don't want to read but.

Also, Jacob told the babysitter this week, after smelling her arm, "Girls smell like berries." She asked, "what do boys smell like?" Jacob responded, "hmm... chipmunks."

Update on the belly!

We've had an eventful last week and a half. Friday the 17th, very early in the morning, Dani couldn't sleep because of a side pain in her left side. The babies are on the right side, so it wasn't the babies, but it was a very intense pain. We ended up in the hospital Friday to get the pain under control and got back home Friday. For close to 48 hours, the pain was kept under control.

Sunday night, it returned and intensified until, around 3am Monday morning, we had to call our neighbor to watch the kids while we went into the hospital. Dani was in pre-term labor at 32 weeks, so they gave her 2 steroid shots 24 hours apart to help develop the babies lungs and magnesium sulfate to slow the contractions. Fortunately, the magnesium worked and Dani's contractions were contained. Dani's pain was also contained. While we were told we would be there for at least 4 days, and we half expected to have the babies, we ended up coming home Wednesday afternoon.

Since then, Dani has been on full bedrest. We've had Jacob and Claire go over to others' houses and have had a friend come stay the day with them since.

It has been a time-consuming process, but we are glad the babies are still where they can grow and develop the best. We hope Dani makes it about 2 more weeks.

We've been grateful for the support of friends and neighbors, some of whom have come over in the middle of the night, others who have watched Jacob and Claire overnight or for many hours, others who have brought meals or visited Dani while she's confined to her room, or others who have made themselves available for us to call upon.

I've also been grateful to work for a company where I can take work home and where I am encouraged to put family first.

Here's Dani today, at just over 33 weeks.
Dani's belly definitely leans to the right, especially during a contraction (as shown below). The peak is where the baby boy is - the girl is (on the picture) on the left. Her pain was (again looking at the picture) on the right side, where there aren't any babies.
We've been eating dinner in our bedroom some nights - not all (I'm scared to bring certain foods onto our carpet!) Kiddos love that!

It's feeling like time is dragging for Dani, but at the same time, it feels like time is flying by for me - my days are more full than ever, and Dani's are slower than ever! We are both looking forward to life in a couple weeks, for sure!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

30 weeks

I am supposed to be taking it easy and laying down as much as possible, so it is getting harder to get a picture since I don't always get ready for the day. Yesterday I had an appointment with the doctor so Jared got some pictures. Here I am just past 30 weeks.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Last week was kiddos last week of preschool. We also got to go to Kindergarten orientation and see where they will be going to school next year; they are very excited. They had a little graduation to celebrate completing preschool. It was very cute and the highlight for kiddos was that there was cake when it was over.
Here are all the graduates, each class has a different color hat. Jacob and Claire are right next to each other, you can see them because Jacob is the only one with bright blue glasses and Claire is waving at us.

Jacob and Claire with Jacob's teacher, Teacher Tina.
With Claire's teacher, Teacher Sherry.

Both of kiddos teacher's are so happy with how they have done and know that they will do really well in kindergarten. They keep telling us how much they will miss them both, including watching them deliver little surprises to each other's cubbies.


These pictures were taken a little over 2 weeks ago, just before 28 weeks. Hopefully we will get a new one in the next couple of days so you can see what 30 weeks looks like. Jared thought we needed to get all angles... so here they are.