Monday, July 14, 2008

I know, I know, I know..... it has been a long time

Ok, and I also know that this is a TON of pictures, but it is actually a small sampling from the pictures we have of our Hilton Head vacation (which is why I put off this post for so long)....and if you really love these pictures you should check out Amber's blog because she took some great ones!  I will try to keep the commentary short and sweet:

The beautiful house that was the home to the entire Jensen family for a whole week.
The view off of the balcony of that home (the beach looks farther away than it was)
Aunt Amber and her nieces and nephews.
The picture I may be killed for posting...  Nana in my hat, one of the masterminds behind the fantastic vacation...  I think she looks pretty darn good.
Nana was also the person that finally was able to get both Claire and Jacob to enjoy the ocean..  This really was a big accomplishment.  Thanks Nana!
Our preferred transportation around the island.  Jacob loved this!
Claire loved this too.  We logged a lot of miles on those bikes.
Our little family on the branch of the coolest craziest tree.
Lydia the mermaid... her dad, Matt made MANY sand creations (he is quite the artist).
Clayton enjoying the beach.
All the men and there amazing sandcastle.  If only you could see all of the little details.  They really enjoyed watching the tide come in and seeing the castle taken down.
Jensen brothers...and yes, that is Jared just feet from a dolphin.
Proof that I was on the beach..I love that hat!
Buried Jacob.  He thought this was lots of fun.
Claire having one of many poolside picinic lunches.
They loved their little beach bench.
One Cool Dude!
A very busy beach beauty.
I read "The Host" during the week and really enjoyed it.  It was a long book, so I finished it the day we got home.
Another picture I might be in a bit of trouble for.  But I love it when he gives me that look and I don't often get it on camera.
Such a great trip.  It was really hard to come home.  I apologize in advance for more vacation pictures that may pop up in the coming posts, but we have a lot of them!  Stay tuned.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


We've always felt like Jacob has the energy of 2 kids - over the past week or two, we've wondered if he actually is 2 kids!  A few examples of some common sayings:

"I did it Bubba!"
"I got it Bubba!"
"Here comes Bubbas!"
"Where Bubba go?"

The most common saying from the past week in Hilton Head (more on that to come later...) was "Hi Lydia!"  At one point, Lydia resorted to hiding from him so she didn't have to say hi back!  He always has a lot to say!