Sunday, July 04, 2010

An observant little boy

Jacob is a very observant and complimentary little boy. For example, tonight, we went out to pizza with Michael and Heather Hornibrook and some of their extended family, and Jacob told Jessica (6 yrs old), "I like your pretty necklace." How sweet!

Sometimes, it's funny, too. We stopped by Albertson's on the way home to pick up a movie, and Dani ran in while we waited in the car. A somewhat overweight young woman in a white tanktop showing off her tattoos came walking out, and Jacob said, "She looks like Holly." A little surprised, I ask, "Why does she look like Holly?" Jacob responds, "Her belly is the same size as Holly's." Clarification, we saw our friend Holly when we went back to Cincinnati when she was 7 months pregnant! It was very cute, especially since we were safely out of earshot!

Speaking of bellies, kiddos often tell us how their bellies are little, and our bellies are big. Thanks kiddos!