Saturday, May 30, 2015

Barbara Walters

Jared's Granny Walters passed away this past week after a number of years of being sick. The next weekend, the children and grandchildren came and gathered in Newdale to commemorate her life and to be with Grandpa and with one another.

It was touching and heartbreaking to be with my grandpa. He appreciated so much the efforts that so many people made to be there - he mentioned that a number of times throughout the weekend.

One of the greatest legacies that Granny left was the desire she and Grandpa have for their family to remain close friends. It was very apparent throughout the weekend the close family ties that are present because of time spent with one another.

We were sad to not have Kalle and Paul with us as they were in Europe, but they were in our thoughts.

I was able to have some sweet conversations with Grandpa about Granny, her influence on him and on the family.

Granny looked peaceful, and the service was beautiful, with touching messages and a song performed by the grandchildren.

We are lucky to be part of such a strong family!

Barbara LaRue Schwendiman Walters - Obituary
Barbara LaRue Schwendiman Walters, 90, of Newdale, slipped away peacefully at her home on Wednesday, May 20, 2015. She was born in the family home on July 13, 1924, in Newdale, Idaho, the oldest daughter of Harvey and Gladys Rush Schwendiman. She was always so happy to have grown up and raised her own children in this close-knit community.

She graduated from Sugar-Salem High School, where she was the yearbook editor, president of the Pepper Club and class officer. She attended Colorado Women's College in Denver, Colo., and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University. Home economics education was her major. Education was a high priority throughout her life. She continued to be a lifelong learner and encouraged and made it possible for her children and grandchildren to take advantage of extra educational opportunities.

On July 31, 1946, she married Warren J. Walters, a classmate and friend from high school, in the Cardston, Alberta, Canada LDS Temple. They shared a tender, loving marriage that lasted nearly 69 years. During their early married years, they lived in Madison, Wis., Butte, Mont., and Norfolk, Va., as Warren continued his education and military service. They settled in Newdale, where they raised their family of six children, and Barbara was a great strength and support to her husband as they established a career in the potato growing, shipping and farming industry.

As a busy mother, Barbara found many ways to serve and contribute in the community. She served on the Fremont County Hospital Board, Sugar-Salem School Board and the Fremont County Planning and Zoning Committee, where she was respected for her leadership and wisdom. She served as the first female jury foreman in Fremont County.

Barbara and Warren enjoyed many opportunities to travel. Business meetings and conventions took them to cities all over the United States, and they also traveled together to Europe, Russia, China, Japan, Israel, South America, Mexico and Hawaii.

She found fulfillment throughout her life as she served others. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she served as Relief Society counselor and teacher, Primary president, member of the Stake Primary Board, Relief Society president and board member at Ricks College. She always seemed to know what others needed and was generous in her love and acts of kindness.
Nurturing and sharing love with her family was always her number one priority. She provided many wonderful occasions to gather family and friends in her warm and welcoming home. She promoted regular family reunions that created special and lasting memories for her posterity. A very special "Granny" has touched the lives of each member of her family.

She is survived by her husband, Warren; six children, Jeffrey (Mona) Walters, of Rexburg; Barry (Bridgette) Walters, of Parker, Colo.; Nan (Keith) Jensen, of Cincinnati, Ohio; Julie (James) Gneiting, of Lewisville; Kalle (Paul) Davis, of Superior, Colo.; and Shawn (Patrice) Walters, of Newdale; 29 adored grandchildren; and 50 great-grandchildren.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Get a room

Jacob sometimes gets creative to get privacy with his changing space!

Memorial Day at Stub Stewart State Park and the Banks Vernonia Trail

We have had a beautiful spring, and Memorial Day was no different, so we decided to take the family for a bike ride and a visit to Stub Stewart State Park. The picnic area was very picturesque!

I loved the green alongside the trail and even on the trail.

Our crew had a great time - Kate, of course, had some great faces for the camera.

The bike ride was super relaxing for these two boys!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera came to town, so we went and had a nice date night with the Schaffers.  It was the first time for Dani to see the play.  It was a fun evening with friends and a beautiful date!

Friday, May 22, 2015


The kids have been playing a funny version of baseball in the garage recently.  Everyone has a role - Kate, in the background, is the spectator. Claire on the elliptical, is providing power for the game. Jacob and Liam are the players and play using a soccer ball or football.  It is quite the setup!

Friday, May 15, 2015


Venice was the last port we visited and had the most dramatic entrance (at least that we saw... we were asleep for most of the entrances into other ports!).  We pulled into the Venice harbor, passing by the whole south side of the city and islands.

There were boats and ships everywhere!  The city seemingly was right on top of the water, and there were beautiful buildings everywhere.

Jared found one barge carrying a cement mixer and digger to be particularly amusing!

Stepping off the boat, we figured we had a few extra minutes before our excursion started, so we immediately went as fast as we could to the place that was rated as the #4 restaurant in Venice - a little hole-in-the-wall, almost fast food-style noodle place, Dal Moro's.  They serve it in a Chinese restaurant rice box style container.  Jared got a Gorgonzola pasta with ham, and Dani got a marinara with basil.  The pasta was amazing!!!

We made it back in time, and took a tour of the Doge's Palace.  We would later cross over the canal on the street behind us in this picture as we went from the hall of judgement to the prison through the bridge that crosses the canal.

Jared got into full tourist mode, showing off his SLR camera, GoPro, and tour headset - he also had his phone in his pocket for good measure!

The palace was incredibly ornate!  We learned about Venecian history, how they were able to avoid being conquered for so many centuries, and how the government functioned.

The next stop on the tour was the Basilica de San Marco, right next to the Doge's Palace.  We barely made it into the Basilica before it closed.

Near the front, over the alter, there were 14 statues - one for each of the apostles, one for Saint Marco, and one for the virgin Mary - and a cross in the center.

The Basilica is known as the "Church of Gold."  In the Apse, at the front of the cathedral, was the Pala d'Oro, a golden alter made for Constantinople.  The gold and jewels glittered and shined beyond belief!

After we left the basilica, we spent a few minutes in St. Mark's Square. It would look quite different the next time we were in the square later that night!

We decided to leave the Precoa crowds behind and wander through the city.  The ultimate goal was the Pointe de Rialto, and we eventually made it there, but not before we passed through hosts of stores, roads lined with other tourists, crossed many bridges, and got lost in the ambiance of the beautiful city.

The Ponte di Rialto itself was under construction, but it was still very cool, lined with shops up and down the bridge over the Grand Canale.

The best pizza we had was in Venice.  Jim and Mel showed us a place they had gotten a focaccia style crust pizza.  When we got the piece, it looked so thick, and since we had recently eaten, we thought it would be way too heavy, but it was amazing because the bread was so light weight!  It was delicious!

We met Jim and Mel there, and began walking throughout the city, and started into some less tourist-filled areas.  We got to see more small canals, gondolas, flower-filled bridges, tight corridors, and small cafes and areas where the residents of Venice lived.  We tried to imagine raising our families there!


We eventually made it to the far northwestern part of Venice and the Ponte degli Scalzi.

Even though we had walked miles, none of us was really all that hungry (Jared said he was), but we all got a big dinner again anyways (because how many times do we actually go to Italy!?!).  Jared said his carbonara was one of the best things he ate in Italy.  The pesto was good, but we were so full that Dani could't finish it.  After dinner was over, we discovered the restaurant's credit card machine was out of order.  We didn't have very much cash, but fortunately, between mostly Euros and a few American dollars, we were able to convince the workers that it covered the bill.

After walking all the way to the northern part of the city, we turned around and retraced our steps toward San Marco Square.  We wanted to be there at night because the tide was rising to one of the highest levels it would rise to all year, and we wanted to see.  On the way, we could see signs of the rising water.

It was another mile and a half or more walk back to the square, and by the time we arrived, the water had too.  We wore flip flops as we walked through the water that was between ankle deep and mid-calf deep.

The salespeople who were selling selfie sticks earlier in the day were now selling cheap disposable galoshes to wade through the water.  The square was so much different in the lights of night (and under water).  This was one of the highlights of the entire trip!

We filled up with our last gelato of Italy before embarking on our last 4 mile walk back to the dock. It was a late night and a long walk, but it a was beautiful and memorable last hurrah to an unforgettable trip!