Thursday, September 29, 2011

Still here... still growing

The grandparents want more pictures... I am pretty sure the cheeks grow faster than anything else.
My friend Kelsey got this really girly outfit for Kate... she looked really cute in it.
Hi sister.
They are pretty good natured babies, they have fussy periods, but not too bad. They are sleeping better most nights, sometimes only waking up one time. They are chubby. They are both really trying to talk to us a lot and smiling a lot.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

2 Answered Prayers

Tonight, we had a couple who had just moved into the area over for dessert. Jacob and Claire probably had more fun with them than they would have had if they'd had kids!

During all the fun, Jacob lost one of the toys he was playing with. He looked for it for a few minutes, and asked me for ideas. A few minutes later, he walked up to me and told me, "Daddy, I went to the bathroom and prayed to know where my toy was, and Heavenly Father answered my prayer and said to ask my dad." The answer to prayer #1 quickly turned into a quick prayer by me. Literally the first place I looked (without even moving from my seat on the couch), I noticed a little red thing peeking out from under Dani's nursing pillow... and success, the 2nd prayer was answered!

What a wonderful teaching moment, and what a sweet gift was given our family by our Heavenly Father tonight, in the midst of all the (very entertaining) chaos that was the rest of the evening. And what a wonderful example of faith was shown by our little 5-year-old boy.

Monday, September 12, 2011

2 Months

Yesterday the babies turned 2 months. Happy two months.
They are both smiling a lot more and really trying to talk. I caught a smile on Kate yesterday... unfortunately smiling makes her fall over.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Kindergarten Starts

So, it feels like there is not one official first day of school for these Kindergarteners... yesterday was the meet and greet where they met their teacher and saw their classroom and worked on a project while I filled out some paperwork. Here they are yesterday outside the school.With their new teacher Mrs. Renne.
Today they went to class, but only half the class went. I am counting it as the first day since they road the bus and went to school.

The big Kindergarten boy with a gap in his smile.
The big Kindergarten girl posing in her chosen outfit.

They were SO excited for the bus to come, here they are waiting.
They hopped right on, they wouldn't even have looked back if the driver hadn't told them to turn around for a picture.
So they did.
They both got off the bus smiling, it sounded like their day went well and they made some new friends, although they couldn't remember their new friends' names. I had to ask a lot of questions to get just a little information about their day, but they seemed to really love it. I spent my time running errands with 2 kids instead of 4. I can't believe how grown up Jacob and Claire are now and I am so grateful that they are so excited and so confident.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

The tooth fairy

Today Jacob came up to me out of the blue and said "Mom, is there a tooth here?" There was, but it was SO loose, and behind it was another tooth, it had come in quite a bit already. I couldn't believe he hadn't noticed before, he just said "Ohhhh... maybe that is why it has been hurting a little." There was a little crying as he tried to pull it out until I convinced him it was not big deal and just to wiggle it, and hour later he just yanked it out and was so excited about the tooth fairy. He wrote her a note, as he was writing it I heard Claire tell him "you could tell her that she can give you a hundred dollars if she wants." Luckily for the tooth fairy Jacob can't really write understandable notes yet. So Jared told me as he was tucking Jacob in he was suddenly sad about parting with his tooth and has decided not to put it under his pillow because he is not ready to let her take it yet.

Blessing Day

Sunday was the blessing day for Kate and Liam. It was a great day and both babies were perfectly quiet for their blessings. Jared gave them beautiful blessings and we were so lucky to have so much family travel to be here for the event.

See how chubby they are getting! Yesterday was a two month checkup and Liam was 11 lbs. 1 oz and Kate was 9 lbs. 14 oz. WOW!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Where is time going?

I can't believe it is September.... maybe because I spent most of my summer stuck at home, but still. My really helpful big brother and big sister will start real school next week and my babies will be 2 months! Wow.Helping out when the babies were still just teeny.

They aren't so teeny now. (OK, so they are pretty small, but huge compared to what they were)