Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fall fun

Jacob and Claire made some wild turkeys out of pumpkins and brightly colored feathers!
We went for a Sunday stroll! Baby girl loved it!
And kiddos and I ended up rolling in the leaves
And the babies tried baby food for the first time! Kate wasn't so sure she liked it. It took her a few days before she decided she really likes baby food!
Liam loved baby food right from the start! He may be a little too eager, and makes a big mess. He reminds us a little of Jacob in that he has to eat constantly... and that if food isn't coming now, he gets his feelings hurt!
Both babies eventually lose their patience and start sputtering... their food goes everywhere! Liam blew half a spoonful onto his toes the other night, and tonight he shared a few small drops of his peas with me... they don't taste very good!

11-11-11 11:11:11PM

Thanksgiving post to come... but first, 11/11/11!!!

We had Jim and Mel over and celebrated by eating foods that are shaped like 1's!

Chicken wings
Fries (both regular and sweet potato, pictured below)

It was a fun spur-of-the-moment party with our good friends! Thanks, guys, for celebrating with us!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

4 months old

These sweet babies are four months old. They are SO happy and smile at just about anyone who will look at them and talk to them. They have fussy time in the evening and night when it is time for making and eating dinner like every child seems to do, they don't like to go to bed early, but when they do go to bed they sleep really well through the night most nights... last night from 10 to 10. They are starting to bat at and grab a few toys. Kate is not a fan of bottles still which we continue to try to fix. Liam loves all things food. They both had their first solids a few night ago... pictures to come.
Here are the stats:

Liam 15 lbs. 6 oz. (66%), 25.5" (77%)
Kate 13 lbs. 3 oz. (45%), 24.75" (75%)

Friday, November 04, 2011

Such an appropriate picture!!!

When both families were here in September for the babies' blessings, we gave them a tour of the office. Uncle T found a poster that describes Jacob perfectly!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Soccer Season (the first of many, I'm sure)

Jacob and Claire finished their soccer seasons last week. Here are a few pictures of the action!
Jacob scored 2 goals in his 2nd to last game of the year! Here he is after one of the goals.

Here's Claire dribbling the ball. She often runs with her arms in the air.
Claire scored a goal early in the season. The other team cheered when the ball went into the net... but Claire was pretty excited anyway to have kicked the ball into the goal!
The kids really had a fun season. They really improved from the start of the season. It was fun to get to know their teammates and watch them play.

We lucked out weather-wise. There was a game that it rained lightly for part of it, and the last practice with Jacob was in a pretty steady rain, but other than that, we had good soccer weather.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween

This is the best picture of Jessi and Buzz together that we got... seriously, this was the best picture. I guess we should've taken the picture AFTER trick or treating!
The whole crew!

At the ward party, Dani was an artist!

I was a luchador! I also sported the costume today at work. You should've seen the shorts!

And I found this picture on the camera of a pumpkin trifle Dani made for our friends Jim and Mel's pumpkin party. It was even better than it looked! Yum!

The Carrots and Peas are back!!!

The current version! Carrot Liam and Peas Kate... 3.5 months old, unofficially weighing in (according to the scale upstairs) at 16.9 lbs and 13.4 lbs!
The originals, Carrot Claire and Peas Jacob... 6.5 months old, officially weighing in at 13 lbs, 13 oz and 14 lbs, 3 oz! We often tell people Kate and Liam sure don't look like newborns, and tonight, when Dani got out Kiddos' baby books, it was proven.
Does anyone else think the peas kind of look alike and the carrots have similar facial shapes?

Chunky Liam filled out his carrot costume really well! We had to wake him up to get him dressed, so he wasn't in the best mood right away (see the picture at the bottom), but he was happy the entire time we trick-or-treated.

Kate was thrilled to have a costume on! She was also happy the entire time trick or treating. Walking around with two babies trick or treating brings lots of smiles - and a little candy for the parents!

Dani had to take a picture of this. Awww!!!