Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Party time

One of the great things about being a twin is that you always have someone to play with. That can, of course, be a good or a bad thing, but in Claire and Jacob's case they're really starting to notice each other and play with each other. Often that involves Claire taking Jacob's toy (she sometimes takes Jacob's pacifier right out of his mouth) or unwanted touching of the face/hair/eyes, but they're starting to enjoy each other's company.

At Nanna's:
In their room after they wake up in the morning
Really, the reason I wanted to call this party time is because Dani and I went to my work's Christmas party. Dani looked spectacular (notice her new hair cut)! She even wore high heels and didn't fall once. The work party was at the Cincinnati Art Museum where they had appetizers, dinner, dessert, and plenty of adult beverages (Dani's and my choice was the cranberry juice or sprite or water). They had a band playing a wide selection of cover music, so we walked around looking at art listening to rock music. Dani liked being in an area with less people so she could take off the heels. Anyway, here we are at the Pearson's house, where our kids stayed while we went.
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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Peas and Carrots

Well, it took awhile, but we are finally posting Halloween pictures. So, Happy Belated Halloween! Our cute little kiddos got to be some of their favorite veggies! Claire was a carrot and Jacob was a peapod. (We decided Claire could be the carrot because of her red hair). They were sure cute, but because of the time change we only went to see two neighbors for trick-or -treating before they were ready to go to bed.

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