Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More fun pictures

I love this picture!!!
The TV gave the parents a few minutes to play some games.
I love this picture, too!
Claire has a really cute smile. Also, look at her shoulder - those are teeth marks from our little biter, Jacob! When Jacob gets frustrated, he bites things - toys, Claire, mom, the church door. He's only gotten me lightly once, but he occasionally tries.
Taylor graduated from high school a few weeks ago. Congats T!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

A couple more vacation pics

We brought the pool to the cabin and put it on the porch. Jacob was first in, and first out (after a little face plant). Claire and Abigail had a blast, and we eventually coaxed Jacob back in. At that point, the girls had enough and Jacob had the pool to himself!The pool was okay, but the bath was an absolute party! Imagine trying to keep 3 1-year-olds sitting! I was only in there long enough to take the pictures.
We took a couple short hikes. The first was in Natural Bridges State Park, we went to the large natural bridge. It was fun, but carrying kids in front is tough!
The second hike was really short, but gave a great view of the gorge.
I love this picture! Jacob and I made our way to the top of the arch through this narrow staircase - my shoulders were rubbing on the side! Check out those blue eyes!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Our Trip to Red River Gorge!

A few weeks ago, we went to Red River Gorge with some friends, Sarah and Eric Brown and their daughter Abigail, for a 4-day weekend. Red River Gorge is east of Lexington, in the foothills. It's beautiful! The next couple posts will tell about some of the fun we had and show some pictures.

The Cabin

We stayed in a pretty cabin that was pretty secluded. We especially enjoyed the deck after our kids went to bed! We played games and just enjoyed the quiet of the woods.The cabin had a nice firepit that we cooked on with the dutch oven one night and made tinfoil dinners and smores the next night. It was nice to sit next to a campfire again! Having baby monitors made the evening even more relaxing for the mothers (the fathers wouldn't have even thought to check on the kids!).
I really liked the stick I found for the picture below - I think you need a stick if you're going to be in a picture with a campfire!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

No longer the Sycamore Room

It took us months to finally start painting, weeks to finish painting, and another month to post that we've painted, but the Sycamore room is no more! Check out the before, during, and after. For those of you who haven't seen it, the blue in the middle of this picture is the chair rail, which used to be as green as the wall below it (see below). U-G-L-Y!!!
In the middle of priming. We took a day to tape, a day to prime, 2 days to paint the walls, another day to re-tape around the chair rail, a day to prime the chair rail, 2 days to paint the chair rail, then another day to decide what we wanted to do around the window, and 2 more days to paint it! It really was a project that lasted over 2 weeks! At one point, I tried convincing Dani to leave the chair rails green
Claire and Jacob (and Dani and I) were glad to have the play room back! It looks great!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Claire is walking!

Little Frankenstein has been let loose! Two Fridays ago while we were on vacation in Kentucky with some friends (more on that to come...), Claire apparently looked around and saw the other two babies walking around and decided she'd give it a go. She's really learned quickly and is getting faster and more stable. She is very, very proud of herself (as are we!)

We love springtime!

Dani and I love springtime because we can bring Jacob and Claire outside, sit them on their blankets, and keep them confined to a small space as they are terrified of touching the grass! We love it, we have tossed a frisbee and a baseball a bunch of times with a little 2-person audience. Claire for some reason thinks it's quite amusing to watch.