Saturday, October 29, 2011

Look, new hats!!!

My aunt and uncle sent babies cute hats! Kate loves hers! She is a really smiley, social baby. We quite often get comments about how happy and smiley our babies are.
Liam likes to stand, especially when he's excited (which he is a lot) or sad/mad. He has strong little legs (and a dimply little behind!). He's a happy baby, too.
Little is probably not an entirely true statement... According to my scale upstairs, Liam weighs 16 pounds! He's 3.5 months old... and he was 5 weeks premature! He already outweighs Kate by 2.5 pounds! I like cute little chubby babies!

NOTE: as for the onesies, here's a link to the full story. They were gifts from our friends, Wayland and Gloria. When Dani was pregnant with Jacob and Claire, Wayland and Gloria said they would pay for their college if we named the babies after them. So, we sent a baby announcement to them with the babies' names being Wayland and Gloria. They sent us those onesies. Kate and Liam wear them often because they go through onesies more quickly than Jacob and Claire.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A few days off... Part 3

Okay, it was a Saturday, but we took Kiddos and babies to the BYU - Oregon State football game! We got to see a good win for BYU, and we've made BYU fans out of kiddos for life!

We lucked out and got a beautiful day - partly cloudy!

Babies slept most of the game, including parts where we were cheering loudly!

The whole family near the end of the game... amongst the whole BYU family!

Jim and Mel and kids came with us

Jeremy MacDonald joined us for the game!

Jeremy was lucky to be seated right between Dani and Mel... who both spent part of the game feeding their hungry babies... eyes on the field!
Dani has been a trooper to be willing to bring the babies all over the place!

A few days off... Part 2

Thursday, we took family pictures in the morning. Afterwards, we headed south to go hiking. The clouds built up and the rain increased to the point where we decided to cancel the hike. Instead, we went to Bauman Farms (for the second time in 5 days).

Liam got to hang out really close to me! That parking lot in the background was completely full as far as you can see the last time we were there! Needless to say, there weren't lines this day.

Dani and Kate - and a big slide in the background (see the video below)

Jacob next to an obstacle course

Claire feeding a goat!!! The same girl that is terrified of a 3-pound dog is willing to feed a goat! I have to say I was surprised!

Dani and Kate looking cute

Kiddos went on HUGE swings, kiddos did some cool obstacle courses, played in a ball pit filled with hazelnuts, went down slides, and we ate doughnuts and drank cider.

Here are Jacob, a little friend Claire made, and Claire going down the slide. Jacob is excited because he made it to the 2nd landing mat. Pause it at 0:20 to see the excited look on Claire's face!

A few days off... part 1

Jacob and Claire had a few days off school a few weeks ago, so I decided to take Thursday and Friday off! On Friday, we went for a hike in Forest Park. Here are a few pictures:

Kiddos had their maiden voyages with their CamelBacks...

Then they found big leaves and stood in a big tree...

Kate stuck her tongue out at the camera...

Liam and I stared at the trees...

Dani made like a Pioneer Woman and fed babies while hiking on the trail... all while showing off her cute dimples...
And then Dani got the camera, and this happened...

We may not have hiked a long ways, but we sure had fun!

Friday, October 21, 2011

For the Grandparents

Saturday, October 15, 2011

3 months

Our sweet babies are 3 months old. They don't look like preemies.
They are now wearing 3-6 month sizes and even some just 6 month size things. They are both very happy babies and smile a lot, they don't cry very much and mostly just cry when they are hungry or at night when they want to be held (or sometimes when I am trying to make dinner). They love the bumbos and they really love their playmat. Kate sometimes likes to complain and has a very cute complaining face and funny complaining voice. Liam smiles with his entire body and really kicks his legs a lot when he is excited. They will be happy for hours and hours in the baby bjorns. They also sleep through the night almost half of the time now and when they don't they only wake up once in the night. They are SO happy in the morning when they wake up.... hungry, but happy! They both really love Jacob and Claire and smile at them all the time. We feel like they notice each other more than we remember Jacob and Claire noticing each other at this age, they love to look at each other and Kate especially loves to talk and smile at Liam.
They have been such mobile babies constantly going places with us as we cart the older two around to various activities, and they are so happy and content to do so. They are great eaters and mostly nurse but get a little bottle every night before bed. Liam will happily take his food in any way, Kate sometimes refuses to take her bottle no matter what bottle it is or what is in it, sometimes she will take it, but only 1 oz and then refuses to eat any way but nursing and every once in awhile she will take it and drink the little bit that is in it.

In other news, this big brother lost ANOTHER tooth this week. He was so excited to write a note to the tooth fairy and tell her that he was not afraid to leave his tooth this time. As soon as Jacob woke up the next morning, he ran into our room and reported, "the tooth fairy brought me 3 monies, and I gave one to Claire!"

Friday, October 07, 2011


the babies do this.
But most of the time they do this,
and this.
They are good little babies.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Bumbo time

Kate and Liam love the bumbo. Sometimes it just makes them happy.
Other times it makes them sleepy.
Ok, a lot of times it makes them sleepy.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Kiddos Art Gallery

Kiddos have been into art recently. I'm honestly not sure who did all these, but I will take my best guess!

Claire - she's been into abstract art recently, especially tornados
Jacob - (Jacob's people have 2.5 legs) Swing set.
Claire. This is a person (notice the orange eyes). There is a sun in the top right. Notice the attention to detail - the frame around the outside!
Kiddos went through a "tree phase." There is even one hanging on the wall over the love seat! I love their creativity!
My guess is that Jacob did this one
I would guess this is one of Claire's.
This must have been early in the period. Their trees have developed significantly since.
I love their art! Dani says she cleans up after their projects daily. Good that I have plenty of used paper coming from work! I sometimes just see the back, and wonder why there are insurance applications, contracts, or paper with our logo on it randomly around the house, but then I find these masterpieces!

Look below for some of Jacob's art - he's been producing a huge volume recently.

Jacob's Art Gallery

Jacob and Claire have recently really been into drawing and other forms of art. One of the great things about their art, is it really gives insight into what is on their mind. In Jacob's art gallery, you'll get a pretty good idea that there is 1 thing on Jacob's mind... Click on the picture to see it in full size!

Football (notice the helmets)
I think this is (from top to bottom): Tennis, football (the helmet, again), and baseball
Soccer field (that square holding up the upside down field goal posts is actually the goalie box, I think)
Soccer field (awaiting the kickoff... kiddos leagues are 3 vs 3)
Soccer - it appears he is diagramming a play, passing it around
Baseball field. I believe these is a dugout
Baseball. Though there is an off chance this is frisbee...
Baseball. Looks like he's playing catch with Claire.
Baseball again. 2 ducks on the pond, time for a clutch hit!
Like I said, he has 1 thing on on his mind. Every night when I get home from work, he has planned out which sport we are going to play. He playing catch, kicking a ball around, and watching baseball and football. I have no idea where he gets it from!