Wednesday, June 28, 2006


In our case, I guess it's double bummer. As you could tell, Jensen Cinema didn't work. I think you can put a link to movies that are uploaded elsewhere, but I'm not going to do that. If you want to see funny/cute baby videos, just e-mail me (Jared) and I'll send them to you.

Two more pictures of babies! One is of a little smiley baby who currently is a tired baby who won't go to sleep (it's midnight),
and the other is of her little brother who is having his turn sleeping.They've been teaming up on us the last 3-4 nights and it's a little rough for everyone! Jacob seems to be figuring out night and day. If Claire is figuring it out too, she is a little too stubborn, wanting to stay awake all hours, making her tired and cranky when it is time for sleep. After a good nap, though, she is very talkative and cute! Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 26, 2006

Jensen Cinema!

Welcome to the test run of Jensen Cinema! We have a nifty little camera we were given for Christmas (thanks mom and dad!) that we can take video clips with and put them on our computer. Consequently, we have videos that we'd like to share, although we don't know whether or not they'll work, but it's worth a shot!

The first is of Jacob and his "best friend," a.k.a. his pacifier. Jacob, I've decided, spends half his day either eating or sucking on his pacifier; the boy will have a strong jaw or will be very good at sucking a delicious, thick UDF hot fudge shake through a straw (mmm, Dani and I enjoyed one of those today)! The problem is, he can't seem to keep the pacifier in his mouth. The video shows the rest:

Claire has developed quite the personality. She is definately the oldest child! Sunday night, she was talking and talking in her Gloria outfit (see post below). It was really cute to hear her little baby voice and see her react to Dani. I think she's a little bit of a ham, you'll hear the noise at the end that I think shows that characteristic!
Join us in crossing our fingers that this works!

Cute kids and funny gifts

We'll start with the cute kids.

We caught a little smile from Claire here:

Jacob's best friend, his pacifier.

Now, on to the funny gifts, although the cute kids will continue as well. A few months ago, Dani and I went to dinner with Wayland and Gloria Sheppard, family friends from California. Most of my memories of Wayland and Gloria come from my early childhood and funny stories shared by my parents. I attribute my love of sunflower seeds and knowledge of wrestling to the Sheppards.

Anyway, we went to dinner while Dani was still carrying Jacob and Claire. Wayland, worried that no one would carry his name forward, offered to start an education fund for our babies if we were to name one of them after Wayland or Gloria. After they were born, we sent announcements to Wayland and Gloria announcing the births of "Wayland Kip Jensen" and "Gloria Nan Jensen."

We received the following message from them earlier this week:
"To our darling little Wayland and Gloria (aka Jacob and Claire):
As you can see from our picture, we are elated and overjoyed
that you will carry on our name and hopefully our legacy
forever. We've waited a long time for our namesakes
to arrive, but you two are worth it!!!

We don't know you yet, but we love you!
You don't know us yet, but you'll love us!
We look forward to meeting you soon."

They also sent these great outfits! You'll love them

We had a very sleepy Gloria while we were taking these pictures Posted by Picasa

Beautiful Sunsets

Dani and I have been enjoying some beautiful sunsets recently and have been fortunate to capture some pictures that, while they don't do justice to how beautiful the sky really was, will give a little idea.

The first two pictures are of our first "kidless date" since Claire and Jacob were born. We left the kids with grandpa and nanna and went to Weller Park, not far from my parents' house. We rollerbladed, enjoying a beautiful sunset, and then tossed a frisbee. It was a nice night and was good to get some time to ourselves.

These pictures were taken while on a walk in our neighborhood. The sky was a pinkish-purple as a storm was moving in. There were occasional lightning within the darkened sky, making the scene even more beautiful. As you can see from the first picture, we weren't the only ones who noticed and enjoyed the sunset!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Growing Growing!

Hello family and friends!!! After many requests for photos and many of our friends and family members creating their own blogs, we decided to make one of our own. Jared and I alone are not nearly interesting enough for our own, but it seems that everyone takes an interest in Jacob and Claire. The babies are now 2 months old and the time has flown by. Here are some pictures to help you all see their growth...they don't seem to have any trouble putting on the pounds!

Skinny skinny

Chubby Chubby!

And being very adorable

First baseball game, loving every minute of it (especially Jacob)
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Monday, June 19, 2006

We've been talked into joining the blogosphere to post pictures of growing twins. This is happening the same day Dani got a shiny new (and very small and free) cell phone. Look for pictures and stories to come, I'm sure we'll have plenty of both to share!