Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cinci Trip

I realize that this is a marathon post and that looking at other people's pictures is not that fun... but my pictures are fun and rest assured that I took A LOT more pictures than I am posting. We had not been back to Cincinnati since our move to Oregon, so at the end of May I packed up my kiddos and I and flew across the country. They did a great job on the planes for me, it was the first time I flew with them alone. Once we got there it was a party right away. We did a lot of swimming. Camie and her family were there too, so we got lots of great cousin time. Here are the girls on the first swimming day (Ellie is a sorta cousin).
Sweet little Wyatt loves the water, he is such a happy little/big guy.
Our second day we took a giant trip to the zoo. Lots of us! Our cousins' cousins are in Cincinnati for the summer, so they came too. Papa was great at keeping together the 4 year old boy team.
Here is our crew on the zoo train.
The 4 year old boy team sat together on the train.
I love this little boy, his big blue eyes make him irresistible and his tiny voice even more so. Lydia was a good big cousin keeping track of him.
The whole group (I was taking the picture).
This sweet little baby was so good for the whole HOT trip to the zoo (her mom has 4 kids 4 and under and is so good and calm about keeping it all together).
One of our nights we went to a Reds game (thanks Papa for the tickets and Nana for the idea.) Lydia and Claire had a great time taking it all in (especially the treats).
Clayton and Jacob had a great time too. Here is their picture with Mr. Red, the girls got a picture too, but it is on Camie's camera.
Cousins at the game together.
Jacob spent most of the game like this, we have a lot of pictures of him covering his ears at the game... he doesn't like noise, but he really was having a good time.
By the way, Jared joined us in Cincinnati after a couple of days, so he was here for the game and was so excited to share a baseball experience with his son.
We even went to the game on fireworks night, so we stuck around for a great fireworks show after the game (with much more ear covering by Jacob).
Then we did more swimming. Jacob scared himself at the beginning of the week in the pool and would not be away from the stairs or the edge for most of the week.
Claire loved the water.
Nana and Papa even borrowed a bouncy house from a friend for a swimming day. Camie and Wyatt enjoyed it as much as the gaggle of kids.
Ellie found a great outfit for the occassion.
Andrew and his sweet girlfriend Elizabeth were so popular with the kids and spent a lot of time playing games with them on the trampoline and on the grass.
Jared even got some uncle bonding time with Wyatt.
The men were in charge of the bouncy house clean up... doesn't it look like they are working hard.
Andrew graduated the Sunday that we were there. Congrats Andrew!
Grandpa Russ even came down for the occasion.
He is a popular uncle (Clayton was there too, but was done with pictures).
He is headed off to BYU in the fall.
On Memorial Day we were able to make it to the ward picnic of our old ward, it was great to see so many people and get involved in the game of softball.
After the hot picnic we went back to Nana castle to cool off in the pool with lots of friends.
We love the pool.
And Jacob finally discovered that he could float and swim with his floaties and started to really enjoy the pool, he thought he was enjoying it before, but he had much more fun once he was no longer confined to the stairs and edge.
We were so happy to see so many friends while we were there, we didn't have our camera for all of those occasions, but we saw so many friends that we have really missed. Thanks Nana and Papa for having us... we can't wait to come back in August!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mothers' Day 2010

I realize that Fathers' Day just passed, but I still haven't posted a few cute pictures from Mothers' Day, and since this blog is my only journal, I figured better now than never. I spent Mothers' Day 2010 reading in my backyard and reading to my kids in my backyard. We then had the missionaries for dinner.
My sweet kids gave my the gifts and cards that they made at preschool.
They were so proud of their gifts and so was I.
I feel pretty lucky to have two sweet kiddos who call me Mom. Being their mom can be really tough sometimes, but it is so rewarding and so much fun.

Baby shower

My friend Kelsey had a baby boy last week. He is cute, she is doing great! Before she had the baby (like over a month ago) we had a baby shower for her. She got a lot of cute stuff
We had a lot of good food.
And I made cute favors for everyone.
There, now I have blogged about it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The world from Jacob's perspective

No wonder Jacob was relying so much on his right eye!!! Jacob can at least see how many fingers we're holding up with his left eye while he's wearing his glasses.
Here, Jacob and Claire are having a conversation with each other. Oh, Amber is on the phone too. I'm not sure she really talked much. And I'm pretty sure the neighbors could hear the entire conversation!
Jacob: Claire, can you hear me?
Claire: Yeah, Jacob. We're talking on the phone. And I can hear you!!!
Jacob: We're talking to each other on the phone!!!

Here they are sitting on the counter, talking to each other. Nana got to listen in on this conversation with each other.


the new glasses! Jacob has amblyopia and will now be the handsome guy with the glasses always and the handsome guy with the patch for 3 hours a day. His left eye is 8 times more farsighted than his right eye (his right eye is great). We got him the indestructible glasses that you can't break (if only they had a kind that you can't lose).

We have had them for all of an hour, but so far he has been great about wearing them. I think I will wait for tomorrow to start with the patching. I am feeling really lucky that his favorite color is dark blue and not bright orange or red or something.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

1/2 Marathon and Oregon Coast

A little over two weeks ago I ran a half marathon that I have been training for. I have to say that when I woke up that morning I was dreading it, the weather was chilly and wet. The rain held off the whole time I was running though, and the temperature ended up being just about perfect for the layers I was wearing. Jared and kiddos were great supports. Our friend took this picture right after the race... I think Jared was more happy than I was with my time!
Our friend also took this picture. I think I may have been the most popular runner... I for sure had the most vocal cheering section and the most signs.
My goal was to finish in 2 hours and 10 minutes which would be 10 minute miles the whole way. I was really happy when I stopped my watch. Nine minute miles... I took a picture for proof!
How could I not run fast with a cheering section like this? Jared drove the kids all over the coarse and he and kiddos would hold up their signs and yell for me as I ran by.
It was an all women's half in our little city. We got a crown as we finished! I can say after this race I would definitely do another half, but have no desire to do a full marathon... 13 miles is only half way!
We went straight from my race to the coast to spend the rest of the weekend with these two (and their cute dog).
Girl Jessica and Boy Jessica (or Brian, or Ryan) were great hosts at the beach house. We had a great time playing games and eating and talking. When the weather was nice we were on the beach, flying kites.
or digging (girl Jessica is really nice to let Claire boss her around a little).
We also built sandcastles. By we I mean mostly Jared and Ryan.
It was quite the fortress.
Jessica and I finally gave up on sticking around to watch it be crushed by the waves, but the boys stayed out for the event.
We had a nice walk in the morning and Jared and Ryan had to do some chicken fighting,
and teach Claire and Jacob how to do the same.
It was a beautiful weekend. Thanks Girl and Boy Jessica!