Friday, July 07, 2006

A picture speaks a thousand words

Or, in this case, just 3: "Dani is tired!" I walked in from work one afternoon (Dani will be mad for mentioning it is afternoon and she's in her PJ's!), and found Dani and Claire doing an impersonation of Yoga with my Grandma Jensen!

The next picture really only says 5 words: "Jared married WAY above himself!" I love this picture of Dani, and Claire is being her usual happy self when she's outside! I think she has Dani's outdoorsy genes.

Instead of making a statement, I think this picture poses a perplexing question: "Is Claire really a red-head?" Yup, especially when she's outside. If President Monson ever comments on her red hair, she won't even have to feel uneasy about the conversation (ask Rob Lesan about that one)! Click on the picture to see Claire's hair better. It really is a pretty color in the sunlight, and I think this picture does justice to the hair color.

The story of this picture: "Jared got lucky." How? With his camera timer, it worked and got a decent picture! Notice the beautiful Lladro in between Dani and me, it is a gift from my mom, called "Afternoon Nap" with a mother and her son and daughter (which we say are twins, of course). Had Jacob been sitting on Dani's lap in the first picture, we would have had a real-life "Afternoon Nap" picture!

P.S. This post is dedicated to Amber in Chile, who has suffered through the last week without a single new picture of her twin neice and nephew!  Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Great new post Jared! And now we non-bloggers can leave our comments... awesome.

Jacob and Claire are growing so fast and are always so smiley!

Camie said...

hey what about me?? i like pictures too! thanks for the update--especially the pregnancy pictures!! That was an eye opener for me--I never saw dani that pregnant!

Anonymous said...

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