Sunday, November 12, 2006

Peas and Carrots

Well, it took awhile, but we are finally posting Halloween pictures. So, Happy Belated Halloween! Our cute little kiddos got to be some of their favorite veggies! Claire was a carrot and Jacob was a peapod. (We decided Claire could be the carrot because of her red hair). They were sure cute, but because of the time change we only went to see two neighbors for trick-or -treating before they were ready to go to bed.

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Camie said...

Cute little veggies!! Thanks for sharing the pics!

amber nicole said...

wanna know what would have been funny? two peas in one pod! ha. maybe next year.

on second thought, i think you've lost your opportunity because next year they're going to be running all over the place and it would never work to stuff them into the same costume.

thoughts from my brain. thanks for the pictures.

cmil said...

Finally! Thanks for getting them on so I can see them. Cute! Cute! Cute! I especially like your toes in the picture of Jacob.

Anne Marie said...

Love the costumes. So cute. This is one of the fun parts of twins, dressing them in some kind of coordinating outfits.