Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Amber brought home some fun presents from south of the Equator. Here, Jacob and I are sporting the Colo Colo jersey and Matt and Clayton are wearing the Chilean national team jerserys. Let's play some futbol!

Dani and Jacob intently watch the Christmas Eve Program.

As Claire becomes her own Christmas Eve program playing on the floor.

Aunt Amber and her neices! Lydia looks so much like Camie that it looks like Camie went through a time machine to get into this picture!
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m2designs said...

Nice Jerseys!

If you're ever in Chile, you should get yourself out to a match involving Colo Colo...great side! I am biased though!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but that's not really a flattering picture of my daughter. I think she looks much more like me in other, cuter pictures!