Thursday, June 14, 2007

No longer the Sycamore Room

It took us months to finally start painting, weeks to finish painting, and another month to post that we've painted, but the Sycamore room is no more! Check out the before, during, and after. For those of you who haven't seen it, the blue in the middle of this picture is the chair rail, which used to be as green as the wall below it (see below). U-G-L-Y!!!
In the middle of priming. We took a day to tape, a day to prime, 2 days to paint the walls, another day to re-tape around the chair rail, a day to prime the chair rail, 2 days to paint the chair rail, then another day to decide what we wanted to do around the window, and 2 more days to paint it! It really was a project that lasted over 2 weeks! At one point, I tried convincing Dani to leave the chair rails green
Claire and Jacob (and Dani and I) were glad to have the play room back! It looks great!


cmil said...

Definitely an improvement. What is your next project?

You know I have a few rooms that need painting! Wouldn't that be fun while you were here.