Friday, August 10, 2007

Getting Big!

We're on to the next phase - and it's going to be messy! Jacob was actually able to get some applesauce and beans onto his spoon. Look right under his chin, and those are some that didn't make it!
Claire had a blast and would not allow us to help her. We had to get a separate spoon to feed her with
Big man in some big shoes!
One of their new favorite things to do is to turn around in the car and honk the horn with their bum. They think it's hilarious - as do we!
In other news, congratulations to my car which surpassed 200,000 miles!


cmil said...

Oh, the joys of new skills! They look prod of themselves and as usual are ready to ham it up for the camera.

Claire looks so like her Nana in the high chair picture. I still think she needs a bang trim.

Congrats on the car. I'll have to have John put the alternator in the silver van so i can stay ahead of you.