Thursday, May 01, 2008

Close to Hooray #2

We almost had another hooray during bathtime. Claire told Dani she had to go #2 - but it 'fell' a few inches short and turned into an 'uh oh.'

We're coming to the realization that potty-training does not mean that we get to stop cleaning up messes. It just changes the form of cleanup!


little miss shortcake said...

potty training, i think, may be even messier. at least it is when you quit diapers cold turkey.
i am so tired of wiping other peoples bottoms. ~sigh~

Julie said...

Yahoo!!..kinda!! Unfortunetly it doesn't matter if they're in diapers or not, you're still wipping a bum more then you'd like to. She's young for doing so well though! Good luck! Um, after your murder mystery post, we are so totally moving to your neighborhood. NO ONE will do that stuff here. :(

Christina said...

So fun for you guys. We have been out of diapers for about two months, but alas - we are still having occasional uhh ohhs. Usually when she is tired or two enthralled in playtime to remember what she needs to do.
Good luck.

Anne's Little Life said...

That sounds like a hooray to me. Way to go Claire!