Monday, June 23, 2008

A man named "Hello" - and a few other laughs from the kids

On Saturday night, we tooke the kids and headed to Kings Island with our friend Trevor Casper, only arrive just before a thunderstorm, so we changed our plans and went out for Mexican. Our server was very friendly, and he decided to teach the kids to say Hi in Spanish. Jacob and Claire were both very good at saying "Hola," but Jacob was convinced that it was the server's name. He kept calling out "Hi Hola!" every time he saw our server.

On a related topic, it's going to be a while before we allow our kids to go to a restaurant without strapping them into a booster or a highchair - the restaurant only had 1 highchair, so neither child wanted to be in it. Instead, they ran around the booth like crazy! We won't make that mistake again.

I called home today and Jacob and Claire nearly beat Dani (who was upstairs getting beds ready for naps) to the phone. What a great surprise it was to get to talk to a very excited Jacob and Claire - I think I had to say hi to them once every 30 seconds!

A cute side of Claire comes out when Jacob throws a fit or when a baby is crying. She quickly finds a toy that she thinks will make them happy and puts it next to him. If that doesn't do the trick, she'll look for something better. This, unfortunately, does not apply when the cause of the fit is her taking something away from Jacob!

While I was at training, I got Jacob a little t-ball set and brought it home for him. He had a fever Friday, when I got home, but he was so excited to put the ball on the tee and hit it. It was really sad watching him feel so miserable but want to play outside with the tee ball set so bad!

I like to tell people that our kids don't do anything if they're not doing it big. They are over-the-top happy but can throw some big tantrums. I think that the fact that they get to do it together makes life twice as fun most of the time, but can often be twice as frustrating! That is probably the case for mom and dad, too!


The Thalman's said...

"Hi hola" hahaha, that is absolutely hilarious and adorable! You guys have such cute kids.

Anonymous said...

Funny story! Gald Jacob is feeling better and Claire didn't get it so you can enjoy your vacation!


Anonymous said...

that should be glad not gald

Angela said...

Too, or should I say, two funny :) What a great way to grow up, having your best friend around.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather my name be hola than peepee!