Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympics (and yes, I know I am behind)

I am so far behind and have so many pictures and events to post about that I will start with something small and simple.  We are a little bit obsessed with the olympics and in turn are A LOT sleep deprived.  GO USA!!!  Anyhow, we decided to kick off the olympics right so we had friends over for an opening ceremonies party on Friday.  In honor of the olympics being in Beijing we had Chinese takeout food with spring rolls from Costco.  We also had an Olympic fruit tray and for dessert those red, white, and blue firecracker popsicles.  We really had a great time watching the AMAZING opening ceremonies together and were constantly blown away by the incredible light works and people moving together; it was really something!  We have since been enjoying as many events as we can get in.  I promise more pictures from our trips soon.


sassparilla said...

okay, you definitely outdid me on the olympics fruit ring!

but... i also had costco spring rolls at my party :)

go usa

Jim and Mel said...

Nice to know that we are the only Olympics addicted family out there. I'm thankful for DVRs.