Friday, September 12, 2008

Old Man At His Finest

My kids have a new little trick...if you ask them:

Q: How old is Jacob?
A: 2
Q: How old is Claire?
Q: How old is Mommy?
A: 25
Q: How old is Daddy?
A: 27
Q: How old is Grandpa?
A: Grandpa OLD
(then Claire must add... "Grandma, Grandma Old too")

Here is my OLD dad, he is 60.  For those of you who can't believe I am telling you how old my father is...he knows that he is 60 too, it isn't a secret.  This picture is from our trip to Cody this summer.
Here is my 60 year old dad waterskiing, on one ski.  As my Dad would say "Not bad for an old fat guy."


Anonymous said...

Yeah! You got some good pictures of the "old fat guy". He looks pretty sharp!!! The life vest even helps his figure some. I will be sure he gets a look at the pics. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I've got to coach Claire about Grandma's age when I am there.


Angela said...

I never could ski on one ski! That is AWESOME!!

Camie said...

Dani--I think 25 is getting pretty old too!! Can you still ski on one ski??