Friday, December 19, 2008

Ploby Super So Blogging

This post is dedicated to what these two are up to.
Claire's favorite thing to say might be "ploby" (trans. Probably) but she uses it for most everything, not just things that are probably.  Example: I just went downstairs to where my children use the lamp as a 'music stand'  holding a board book (aka music) to sing or 'play oboe' (a sippy cup, block, etc...).  Anyhow, they knocked down some pictures from the music stand and when I walked up Claire declares "they ploby fall down."  She also told me earlier that the rubber band for her hair was "ploby Claire's" and that the big one that she knows is mine is "ploby mommy's."

Jacob's ploby favorite thing to say is..."super so".  Usually he uses this if he is "super so stinky." Sometimes he is "super so playing" or his lunch is "super so yummy."  The best part of when he is 'super so stinky' though is the way that he says it.  It is a deep throaty "AH oHHH SICK, I super so stinky, sick mommy."
Claire also likes to repeat everything you say, so if you are on the phone or reading a book or if Jared and I are having a conversation at dinner or in the car there is a constant quiet mumble happening as Claire tries to quietly repeat every single word.  She has also started singing about everything...usually to the tune of ABC/twinkle twinkle.
Jacob has started to break out in song.  He is always singing something that I had no idea he knew and I have to rack my brain to figure out where he would have heard it.  Yesterday I was sitting next to him and he sang "glory to God, glory to God, glory to God" over and over, I figured out that he was singing "Far Far Away on Judea's Plains" and I sang "Peace On Earth" which finally moved him on from the "Glory to God" part.  I think we sang it either in church on Sunday or at a concert on Sunday.  He has a good memory.

Their favorite things to play together are:
*making and eating a meal (usually their beads are marshmallows or their blocks are nuggets, etc...)
*Playing oboe and singing at the music stand
*night night, they like to put each other and me to bed and they have been dragging blankets, bears, and pillows all over the house and they go through every motion (even a prayer and a drink of water).
*Going on a trip.  They pack up their suitcases or their back packs with random small toys and then come tell me that they are going on a trip and to give them a kissy and say "I love you" then they walk off and go either upstairs or downstairs then return to start over with packing up. (sometimes they are going to work, usually if there are a pair of daddy's shoes around to wear on the trip.)


Mallory said...

They are ploby some of the most super so cute kids around! lol!

Camie said...

Adorable Christmas outfits!! I love those!

Julie said...

Man your kids are so big! Especially that last picture. I love their outfits.

Brett & Amy said...

Love the post! Such cute stories. I wish blogging had been around when my kids were younger as it's all a blur. But reading your posts brings some of it back, thanks!

Anonymous said...

What cute outfits and cute kids. They really look like they are up to something sneaky in that first picture.


Eric and Lydia said...

I love this age! Good for you for writing it all down!

Josie said...

ok that's so polar express.

They're getting all grownup and extra cute. How fun.

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