Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Days

It snowed all day yesterday, until the night, when it started to ice, and then it snowed all morning today.  Yesterday morning I took kiddos out to play in the snow.  Here they are all ready to go out!
(this picture is a side note....yesterday and today I shoveled our driveway and sidewalk...I am calling it my work out for those days...Anyhow, today I got all the snow off, but you can see from this one place that I kicked at for a bit that I left a huge sheet of ice over an inch thick on the whole driveway.)
Here is Claire yesterday enjoying her time outside...I love how her hair looks in the sun!
Jacob had a good time in the snow too.
The snow wasn't very sticky, so the snowman that we set out to build became a snow toddler...Jacob and Claire were very good helpers and continually reminded me that we needed a carrot for his nose.  I had to keep telling Jacob that we could not give him a nose until we gave him a head.  Anyhow, I only had baby carrots, so it was a good thing that he was so small.  His eyes are blueberries...and as you can see he has an A's ice cream sundae hat atop his head.
We also made snow angels, if you look really close you can see from left to right: Claire angel, Jacob angel, Mommy angel.
This is what the snow toddler looks like today...he got a nice ice coating and a little extra snow.
Maybe we will get out this afternoon, but I am afraid that the layer of ice that you step on first, then sink into later might be too frustrating for Jacob and Claire to walk around in.


Karena said...

I love how your snow toddler grew over night!

Camie said...

good for you for getting out with your kids in the snow! My kids love to play in the snow, but I just send them out by themselves or with Matt. I'm sure it was nice to leave the house during such a big storm! Sorry your canning expedition didn't happen! Maybe you'll have to come here and join in our cannery some time!

Anne's Little Life said...

I'm impressed with the size of your snow toddler. I tried to make one with Ethan and I couldn't even make a snowball. Must be that Wyoming blood.