Monday, February 23, 2009

Letting their imaginations run wild

These two little kids fight a fair share...but they are also really really good buddies.  Even in the last couple of weeks they have gotten so much better at playing together and they are constantly lost in their little imaginary world.

Here are some of the latest favorite games to play or things to imagine:
*Sacrament meeting (they say prayers and sing songs about sacrament meeting, they pretend to eat bread and water and say more prayers and sing more songs)
*Going to the Wild Things (this is from the book that Nana gave them "Where the Wild Things Are" now they have to get in a boat and travel to where the wild things are.
*That they are in the cartoons that they watch (they love to pretend Super Why and Claire is always Princess P with 'spelling word power'.  They also play Dragon Tales where Jacob will walk around calling 'Emmy, Emmy!!'and says 'Claire, you Emmy!?!?'  which Claire always agrees to and says 'Yeah, I Emmy' and so Jacob chases her around calling to Emmy.  Often they will assign characters to me or each other.  They also love to make car noises and be "Lighting the Queen (trans. Lightening McQueen).
*Going on a trip (always packing up their suitcases and backpacks and traveling the whole house).
 *Swimming in a 'swimming suit' (They find wrappers and paper and stick them to their shirts calling them 'wimming wuits' and travel to each bed in the house to swim).
*Night night (they put each other and anyone else around, or their stuffed animals, to bed several times every day).
*Talking for their toys (this is very new for them, but they have started to talk for their toys and have their toys interact with each other, sometimes their trains will talk to each other, or last night at Nana's Jacob had Buzz Lightyear and Claire had Woody and they were talking to each other imagining some scenario).
*Making meals and snacks (they prepare and we all eat MANY imaginary meals, snacks, and treat everyday).
Anyhow, those are some of their favorite things, but their are many other things that I get to witness them playing.  Just for the sake of recording, here are a few recent things they have said:

When my mom was bending down to give Claire a kiss her hair hung down in Claire's face and she told her "Your hair's a mess!"

We were headed to Nana's after church and Jacob (knowing exactly where we were headed) asked "where we going?" to which I replied "where do you think we are going?" He quickly told me "no, I talking to Claire" and then asked her again.  Claire replied "Ummm, we going to Nana's" so Jacob said "Oh, Ok, That be fun!"

My dad told Claire that she is a goofball, Claire told him "No, I not a goofball!" and he told her "yeah, you are a goofball!" She burst out in tears and came upstairs where I was, when I asked her what was wrong she said "I'm NOT a goofball... I want to stay upstairs!"


Anonymous said...

It was so fun to be there and catch up with Claire and Jacob for a few days. I don't even care that she thinks my hair is a mess.


Anonymous said...

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