Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A tale of two sleepers

Bedtime is always an adventure.  And I'm not just talking about overcoming the seemingly springloaded pillows that shoot our kids out of bed the instant their heads hit them... no, I'm talking about AFTER they are asleep!

A couple weeks ago, Claire decided she no longer wanted to sleep on her sheets at the head of her bed.  She wanted to sleep on top of the comforter at the foot of her bed.  and jammed into the corner by the wall.  It's like she lost something on the floor under the bed that she's trying to get!  Every night she's like this (side note: as I'm writing this, Claire is asleep horizontal to her footboard).  Also, she's a sprawler, taking more square feet on the bed than a 2-year-old should be able to cover.  Her drool makes her hair stick to her cheeks, so when we go in to check on her, we really can't even tell which way her face is facing!  And she snores.  Loud.  We can hear it through the wall in our room!  Sleeping seems like hard work for her!

Then, there's Jacob.  Normally on his pillow and under his covers.  With a little angelic look on his face.

By the way, Dani has since switched the sides of the bed that the pillow goes on - when Claire saw it the first time, she got a huge grin on her face... then stayed put for only 5 minutes after Dani left the room.


ANJ said...

i can relate. if i'm in a bad mood, it is really rejuvenating to sleep upside down in my bed.

we girls gotta stick together!

Christina said...

Claire and Whitney really could be sisters they are so much alike!!
The snoring, drooling and sleeping every which way in bed. i can't keep the bed made because she destroys it every night. But they are cuties!!

Anonymous said...

Jacob does look like an angel. Al kids are angels when thery're sleeping, even when they sleep like Claire!