Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Can Finally Blog About This

Jared has now given his work notice, so I can make the official announcement, so... sound the trumpets, here it goes:  We are moving to the Portland Oregon area (in less than a month). Jared has accepted a job there and we are really excited about the move, it is such a great place! And... we have a house!  I LOVE my new house.
Here it is!
Here is our small, but flat and fenced backyard (lots in Portland are really small).  That awning is retractable and the patio wraps around the side of the house.
This is the front door and the front room.
The view from the front door to the dining room and the opening to the living room/kitchen.
My (drool) Kitchen... I love this kitchen!  It is such a beautiful kitchen and I can't believe I am going to get to use it!
More of the kitchen.
This is from the living room, you can see the light where the eat in area of the kitchen is and the stairs to upstairs on the right.
The living room.
Master Bath.
Master Bath (I am so excited to have a tub in my bathroom, right now we only have a shower).

The big master bedroom looking to the sitting area and bathroom.
Same room from the opposite view.
The landing at the top of the stairs.  You can see three of the bedrooms and the vaulted area from the entry, the bathroom is to the right and the master is behind.  I have a ton of pictures, but I am sure I am much more interested in them than all of you are... so there it is!!!  We have about 15 days before we load the moving truck and about 1 month before we move into this house... we have a family vacation in Montana on our way to Oregon... so busy, but so exciting!!!


Bekah said...

What a great house! Congrats and good luck! We'll miss seeing you when we come to OH!

Julie said...

Yeah!!! We can't wait! What an awesome house! I love seeing all the pictures. Is it actually in Portland or a surrounding city? Jeremy and I already want to take a trip to the coast with you guys. Yippee! We're driving up in a month for a round of Squints!

Josie said...

holy cow that's super exciting! Portland is on our list of places we'd love to live in--it looks gorgeous! Love the house...and the kitchen...ohhhh the kitchen.

Sarah said...

It is beautiful! Wow, I am so excited for you guys. Congratulations!! I can't wait to come visit ;-)

Sarah said...

EXCITING!! I am very excited about your new home!! It is very nice, and with your AWESOME decorating abilities your home is going to look beautiful inside:) I bet the new curtains will find a home on one of those MANY windows. Congrats. WE will miss you-but will still feel connected through your blog.

Camie said...

GORGEOUS!! I love the floors, all the windows and the awesome kitchen!! You are going to love cooking in there! We can't wait to come and visit!

Christina said...

Congrats again, but wow - that's not much time to move. (of course I'm not one to talk right)
Your house is awesome!!

sassparilla said...

i will be living with you next summer. plan my bedroom please :)

can't wait to bake some dangerously delicious cookies in that kitchen!

Cari said...

Congrats on your move upward. You will love portland, at least Aaron Brags about it all the time from growing up there. Best of luck to you.

Orphan or Oakley? said...

Love the pictures of the house. Now I can picture you guys living there while reading your blog. Good luck in your new place!

Anonymous said...

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