Friday, September 11, 2009

Leaving Cinci

So, I am really not a sentimental person, so leaving Cincinnati wasn't as hard for me as it maybe should have been, but it was still a hard thing. It was sad to see Claire's sad face as she sat in the car not wanting to say goodbye to Nana and Papa, and Nana's sad face as she was trying her best to be a supportive Mom and Nana but didn't want us to go. Papa and Nana were very forlorn the morning we left. We miss them (and Andrew).
Our car was packed to the max for the move with the back to seats folded down and the back chuck full of stuff, the car-top carrier up top and the bike rack on the back. By the time we were to Portland we had logged over 57 hours in the car (some of that was for the sake of fun vacation side trips)... Jacob and Claire were sooooo good, such troopers and only watched 2 movies in the whole 57 hours!
Our moving truck, which was also packed to the max... they packed it up then walked in the house and said "are those couches going?" They got them in, but barely and they were at the very top in the back.
One last picture with Uncle-T cutout!
Claire and Jacob really enjoyed spending our last few days at Nana's castle. They played to their hearts content and Claire found her favorite dress-up outfit ever ever.
We are loving it here in Oregon but we miss you family and friends in Ohio!


Unknown said...

I love how you document things. T'm sure there will be man things you will miss, as will I, but I'm looking forward to being intorduced to Portland. Love the picture of Claire in the cute dress-up outfit.

3T's said...

We MISS you too!!! Come back!!!

Christina said...

Glad you made it OK. Hope you ALL are adjusting well. Hope we get to see you all again soon.

Jared and Dani said...

Vicki, Dani won't be missing man things - she brought hers with her!

Unknown said...

I just looked at the other comments and realize I didn't finish "many". I know she brought her man things with her!