Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Birds and the Bees

AHHHHH... I was not ready for this! These two are asking too many questions.
Here is a recap of the conversation we had in the car today...
Me: "Jacob and Claire, did you know that Lucy is going to have a baby brother?"
Kiddos: "Oh, a baby brother"
Claire: "Is her baby brother at her house?
M: "No, it is in her mommy's tummy" (short silence)
C: "Did she eat the baby?"
M: "uh, no, no she did not eat the baby... she uh, well the baby has to grow in it's mommy's tummy until it is big enough to come out"
J: "Is she gonna spit it out?"
M: "No, no uh... she, well the baby will be born."

Anyhow, I was obviously not prepared to answer those questions and really surprised by some of them. Ten minutes after this conversation we were walking around Costco and Claire points to the really short lady behind us and says "oh, is that just a kiddo or something?" I told her no and sped up a little bit just to be sure she couldn't hear whatever came from my dear children next.


Julie said...

Hahaha! I dread the day.

ANJ said...

oooohhh funniest EVER.

<3 <3 <3

Unknown said...

You know how I laughed when you told me the story! I needed a good laugh.

I was thinking....perhaps you should say the baby is mommy's womb or even belly, not tummy, which is associated with food.

Unknown said...

oops left out "in"

Holly said...

I love those twinners!

Jeremy (@mrmacnology) said...

The joys of parenting.

Any suggestions the next time B and K ask what mommy's tampons are for?

Anonymous said...

apparently Toby pointed to a lady at the store today and said "she's fat!" I'm glad I didn't hear it...so embarrassing.