Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Walters Reunion 2010

As always the Walters' Family Reunion did not disappoint. This year we stayed in two amazing and huge houses that shared one beautiful property near Bear Lake. We enjoyed so much time visiting, playing games, eating, four wheeling, boating, riding wave runners, hiking, eating more, swimming, building sand castles, watching movies, more eating, playing ultimate frisbee, etc...
We hiked to a beautiful little lake called Bloomington Lake with quite a few family members. It was a beautiful hike and a beautiful little lake with glaciers feeding right into it.
Four of the biggest tallest guys in the family went cliff jumping and then hopped on a log to swim across the lake, the log was pretty much submersed.
Jacob hung out with Papa to watch a lot of the action.
There was an awesome rope swing there that I had a lot of fun on. Lydia was so brave and surprised us all by walking right up and swinging right out without any hesitation, I barely had time to snap a picture.
Matt, and Jared, and one of Jared's cousins hiked out to jump off the cliffs too. If you can zoom in and look really close there is a tiny Jared in mid air.
We spent a day at the beach playing in the sand, boats, and wave runners. These handsome architects constructed this castle.
Andrew and Keith had to pause to admire the beauty. There were a couple impressive sand castles built by our family.
Jacob who is usually very nervous was very brave about the wave runners and really had a great time on his rides. Jared and I also sneaked away for a ride on the boat and I got to ski on some choppy water and we both got to try some wake surfing.
Claire liked the beach too much for those other things. She spent most of her time filling the mote of uncle Matt's sand castle and decorating it with sea shells.
I had to document Bethany's sweet husband Jake helping her in and out of the boat.
Jacob also really liked swimming in the water at the beach. He was a trooper considering he had spent the entire day before trying to recover from a wicked stomach flu and then the night after the beach relapsing with the stomach flu.
Claire got it that night too, so we spent the night in watching "All Dogs Go to Heaven" and "Ratitouille" because that was what was on the tv. Most everyone else went to the "Pickleview Playhouse" for a show that was apparently really hilarious. Unfortunately the stomach flu did not stop with our kids, rumor has it that over 40 of the 70ish people ended up with that nasty bug. It was a strong one, but we all really managed to have a lot of fun around it. Can't wait for 2012!