Friday, October 22, 2010


Some of our favorite funny things kiddos say:

"Pork" or "Porking" - Poke, or poking. Used in a sentence - "Claire keeps porking me!"

"Blenders" - Lenses (for Jacob). Typically said in Jacob's really important voice.

"Worm" - Warm, as in "I want the tub to be worm." Claire is especially funny when she says this.

"Persh" - Push. We try to get them to say this one all the time because it's funny.

"Pew" - For a long time, Jacob didn't know the word "gun," so he would call it by the sound it makes.

"Peeps" - if "poo-poos" can be shortened to "poops", than, logically, "pee-pees" can be shortened too!

"Lasterday", "Last Day", "Next Day", "This Day". Yesterday, tomorrow, and today. I'll admit to singing the Beatles "Yesterday" using "Lasterday" instead.

"Neeeeana" - Nana (for Jacob). We're not sure if Nana finds this endearing or not!
"Hadded" - "I hadded to hit the ball"
"Squirk" - Would it be a squirk pew?
"Forenoggin" - In Finding Nemo, Crush and Squirt (the dad turtle and the little turtle - yes, we know their names) give each other noggin. Noggins are part of the bedtime routine. One day, Claire decided she no longer hadded a forehead. It was now a Forenoggin.
For fun, here's all of them in a sentence! Imagine Jacob talking to Nana (since he's the one who says 'blenders' and 'Neeana'):
"Neeana, lasterday when I hadded to do my peeps, I brought my pew wiff me and squirked worm water on my blenders, so I purshed them on my forenoggin and I porked myself in my eye."


Holly said...

ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

kaci plus said...

last day is a popular one with Toby also. And Tyler hasn't figured out how to say tomorrow night. She always says "tomorrow tonight?" It always takes me a minute to figure out what she's saying!