Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm in Love

These two guys have my heart (and one little girl and two fetuses). I love them, lots! I love how much the little one adores the bigger one. I love how much the bigger one is obsessed with the little one. I love what a good Daddy he is. Jacob has been feeling under the weather and is even more cuddly than usual. This morning he climbed in my bed with me because I now have what they have had and he scratched my back and held my hand... I smiled and told him he is a good boy, he told me "you are a good mommy." My sweet husband has been getting up and doing a lot of what I do in the morning lately and never once complaining... he is a good husband, and a good Daddy... I am telling you, he is obsessed with our kids, they are so fun right now. (ps - notice how young Jared looks).


Jessica said...

Oh no! You got sick too! Hope your on the mend! Jared does look young in that pic. I think you guys are both great parents! Can't wait to meet the two new kiddos!

Anonymous said...

Love the pic and the message.