Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kiddos toy shelves look like a Cincinnati grocery store before a snowstorm!

Since the babies are growing in Dani's tummy (see posts below), she hasn't been able to keep up as well with kiddos' messes, so I've seen more messes. While I don't think we are too strict with cleanliness in kiddos' playroom, kiddos have had some difficulties cleaning up when asked recently. The recent history:
  • Middle of last week, I ended up cleaning up their room after they went to bed just to have it clean. How nice of me.
  • By Saturday, it was a mess again, so I gave kiddos the job of cleaning up while I was cleaning the grill (which Dani set in flames Friday!). It took me 3 hours to clean the grill, and when I came up, nothing had been put away. My patience ran out, and I (kindly) sent kiddos to their room. Then, I thought of a more effective teaching method - having them watch as I cleaned (knowing I would take their toys away). Mean, I know.
  • Today, I asked kiddos to clean up after dinner. While some of their toys left the floor, they were put in totally random places, meaning more cleanup for me when they went to bed. This is what is left of their toys:
Most of them are in our room - there are some other bins in our closet. It should be a smaller mess tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Mean Daddy! But it certainly looks tidy!