Monday, May 16, 2011

26 weeks

This picture was taken a little over a week ago.... I am 27 weeks now, but there have been a few requests for a belly update, so here is the last picture we took. Enjoy!


Sarah said...

Ok...after seeing this I know why you NEVER look pregnant from the carry it all in the have nothing down below and nothing in your hips-the other reason you can still wear old non maternity pants. ARe your babies afraid to rest in your hips?? The time is going fast...pretty soon these babies will be here!! I am excited!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa--amazing what the body can do!
Are you having trouble keeping your balance?


Streeters said...

GOOD GRIEF THITHTER!!!!! you need to push those babies around to the sides a little!

Holly said...

WHAT THE HECK! Looks like you've stuffed a couple of basketballs under that dress! Seriously, how do you keep your balance? You're amazing, girl.