Monday, June 06, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Last week was kiddos last week of preschool. We also got to go to Kindergarten orientation and see where they will be going to school next year; they are very excited. They had a little graduation to celebrate completing preschool. It was very cute and the highlight for kiddos was that there was cake when it was over.
Here are all the graduates, each class has a different color hat. Jacob and Claire are right next to each other, you can see them because Jacob is the only one with bright blue glasses and Claire is waving at us.

Jacob and Claire with Jacob's teacher, Teacher Tina.
With Claire's teacher, Teacher Sherry.

Both of kiddos teacher's are so happy with how they have done and know that they will do really well in kindergarten. They keep telling us how much they will miss them both, including watching them deliver little surprises to each other's cubbies.