Monday, June 26, 2006

Cute kids and funny gifts

We'll start with the cute kids.

We caught a little smile from Claire here:

Jacob's best friend, his pacifier.

Now, on to the funny gifts, although the cute kids will continue as well. A few months ago, Dani and I went to dinner with Wayland and Gloria Sheppard, family friends from California. Most of my memories of Wayland and Gloria come from my early childhood and funny stories shared by my parents. I attribute my love of sunflower seeds and knowledge of wrestling to the Sheppards.

Anyway, we went to dinner while Dani was still carrying Jacob and Claire. Wayland, worried that no one would carry his name forward, offered to start an education fund for our babies if we were to name one of them after Wayland or Gloria. After they were born, we sent announcements to Wayland and Gloria announcing the births of "Wayland Kip Jensen" and "Gloria Nan Jensen."

We received the following message from them earlier this week:
"To our darling little Wayland and Gloria (aka Jacob and Claire):
As you can see from our picture, we are elated and overjoyed
that you will carry on our name and hopefully our legacy
forever. We've waited a long time for our namesakes
to arrive, but you two are worth it!!!

We don't know you yet, but we love you!
You don't know us yet, but you'll love us!
We look forward to meeting you soon."

They also sent these great outfits! You'll love them

We had a very sleepy Gloria while we were taking these pictures Posted by Picasa


Camie said...

Hey!! How come you never told me you had a blog?? Now I'm checking it out for the first time! I love the Wayland and Gloria onesies--hilarious!! But you did have a little typo in your story--did you send an announcement that said Gloria Nan?? (not Claire Nan)

I'm looking forward to more cute pictures and stories in the future!

Jared and Dani said...

note, it was actually "Gloria Nan" instead of "Claire Nan." One day it'll let us edit it, but not today apparently!

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