Tuesday, September 04, 2012

First Day of First Grade!

Jacob and Claire had their first day of school this week!  They have been VERY excited.

They are in a brand new school.  The school is beautiful.  The library even has a slide down from the 2nd floor and a little treehouse above it.

We requested that they be in the same class and, if possible, have a male teacher, thinking that maybe a male would connect well with Jacob.  It turns out that they are in different classes, and Jacob has a female teacher and Claire has a male teacher.  However, in the short time they've been in their classes, I  think they will both be a good fit for our kids.

Jacob and Claire will be meeting lots of new kids this year - over half of their classmates from their Kindergarden class are in the other 1st grade class.  They have reported that they love having 2 recesses.

Since the school bus comes at 7:20, we've adjusted our schedule so that the kids go to bed a little earlier and everyone gets up earlier.  Dani has started running every day, and I've been able to have more morning time with the kids during breakfast.


Anonymous said...

How did I miss this post??? They look so cute for their first day of school.

Very nice looking library.


Sarah said...

AWESOME library!! I wished that was at Abigail's school. Kids look cute on their first day of 1st grade!!