Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Such fun kids.

One night after Claire got her pajamas on, Dani tried putting Claire's skirt onto Kate.  It stayed up (despite Kate's belly's best efforts).  So, we decided to measure bellies.

The winner (or so he thought) was Jacob.

Liam's belly was the 2nd biggest of the kids - even bigger than Claire's (which was 1/2 inch bigger than Kate's). Also, during that night, Liam decided it was really fun to back up against the wall to take pictures.  We got a couple cute ones of him.

One day after naps, Kate's shirt was up, so Dani asked Kate why her belly was out.  Kate's response was below.

Claire made a tortilla face after dinner.  She thought it was quite funny.

This is one of those rare days when Kate's hair stays as it was originally intended!  Poor girl just can't seem to get much hair!


Anonymous said...

Needed a smile. Thanks