Monday, October 14, 2013

Nana and Papa come visit

After a week touring the Northwest, including trips to Spokane, Seattle and the San Juan Islands, Nana and Papa came to play for a week.  We tried our best to fill our week with fun things.

One day, we went to Bauman Farms to play.  Bauman Farms has lots of decorations and other things to look at, including a large teepee, a big wooden fort (including a little jail) and some animals.  The goats were quite an attraction for the kids.

There are huge slides at Bauman Farms.  We spent a lot of time going on the slides.  The very first time, Kate decided she would go on her own.  She didn't like it (and let it be known the entire way down!).  She later tried a few other slides on her own and liked them about the same!

We probably rode the slides 25 times or more.  Kate and Liam started riding with adults.  It was also fun to dive down the slides headfirst.

The sliding continued outside, and on sleds, on the pumpkin hill.

We took Papa on an obstacle course through the hay.  There were slides and little crawl areas.  We did a dark maze and a little corn maze.

We ended up doing lots of activities, including Papa introducing Jacob to coin collection, with a new penny collection book of his own, and cookie baking and piano playing with Nana and Claire.


Anonymous said...

These kids are very lucky to have such fun grandparents.

The other grandma