Sunday, August 03, 2014

Island Park

2014 was another Streeter family reunion on Island Park Reservoir.  This meant another long drive, but fortunately, we made this segment of the drive without any stomach issues.  On the way, we also visited Kaci's house, where Kate, noticing a mounted deer head, asked where the rest of it was!  We love the time with our family and kept busy the entire time!

On the Lake
We had lots of things to do on and around the dock.  One day, Vicki rented longboards, so everyone took turns riding, even Vicki!  It was a challenge at first (especially when multiple boats would go by), but everyone got the hang of it.  We brought the kids on them and took them around the lake.


We also brought down the canoe and took rides around the lake with the kids.

Grandma brought some floating toys (some of which held air better than others), and the kids enjoyed floating around in them.  It was funny to watch the kids try to paddle together.  Claire and Brighton ended up spinning the boat in circles!

The dock had a slide, and the kids had fun sliding into the water.  Jacob was the waterslide champion, going over 50 times (he counted) on the last day!  Heath was the best picture on the waterslide champion with this picture.

The day we arrived, the kids (and Jared) started throwing rocks into the lake.  That was the beginning of a lot of play with the rocks.  Claire directed the kids in building a rock fort to keep out the water.  Over the course of the days we were there, the rock fort grew.  At the same time, the reservoir's water level went down a few inches in the time we were there.  As a result, the entire rock wall wound up out of the water by the end of the trip!


Around the House
It was a great trip to have some time talking and relaxing.  Grandma Pat came down for the entire trip and enjoyed being around the kids.  Torin and Grandpa spent some quality time bonding.

We also had great food and constant snacks!  Liam always managed to find the candy and chips that we had left within his reach!

We are a happy family
Family pictures ended up going pretty well with almost all smiles and eyes looking at the camera.  In the family one, all eyes but Grandpa's (and Torin's) were on the camera!

We had some great days for boating while we were there!  It was awesome to have 2 boats and to be right on the lake.  We went skiing a couple times per day and took tube rides a couple times per day as well.  Dani can still ski longer than anyone else, Heath puts up the prettiest turns, and Jared crashes the most spectacularly!

The kids all had a fun time on the tube.  Kate and Bentley had an especially fun time.  From the first time they got on, the were looking at each other and giggling almost nonstop.

Gone Fishing
Uncle Travis brought his fishing rods, so the kids all spent hours on the dock and on shore casting and reeling back in.  Liam especially loved it - he and Kaci bonded as she helped him cast.  I don't think anyone ended up catching anything, but everyone had fun trying!

Grandma brought up her kids' 4-wheelers, and the Jensen kids in particular got lots of rides.  Jacob and Liam took lots of turns riding.  Liam was funny to watch - he got lots of coaching from Grandma along the way.

Kaci took the 3-year-old girls on a flower-picking walk.  They got lots of pretty flowers that served as decorations for dinner one night.  The girls were really excited about it!

The Campfire
We made good use of the campfire on the last night, cooking delicious tinfoil dinners and making s'mores, which everyone enjoyed (and some wore on their faces)!

The Babies
Treyson and Torin had a great time on the trip, too!  Torin was pretty mellow the entire time and slept very well.

It was a great trip!


Anonymous said...

Such fun! Always exhausted by the end of the day. Thanks for this post.