Saturday, January 09, 2016

La Casa Roca


La Casa Roca welcomed the Jensen Family to beautiful Costa Rica! We have been looking forward to this week for months. We have arrangements for all of our kids (neighbors and Vicki), and now it's time to relax!

The house was very cool. Casa Roca, unsurprisingly, was made primarily of rocks. Instead of hallways, there were breezeways connecting the home. The outdoor living area at the end of the pool was where we ate meals. Our bedroom's shower was even outside (in a private area!).

We enjoyed sitting around the couch at the end of the pool after dinner or at the other end by the beach as we watched sunsets.We played games out there, watch the iguana Pocho

Andrew showed off yet another outdoor living area, outside of the owner's suite (which we didn't have access to, sadly!). The star of this picture may have been Andrew's "Dad Style," which, ironically, none of the dads on the trip ever came close to.

We even got to have some wildlife in addition to Pocho. There were lots of lizards in various areas (including one who dropped, dead, from the top of the gazebo onto the table during the middle of a family discussion!) and a little Mapache (like a raccoon), who wandered through the breezeway during dinner. Fortunately, there were almost no mosquitoes, thanks in part to the house's automatic bug-spray sprayers out by the ocean-facing outdoor areas. 

I think that this picture best depicts just how spectacular the sunsets are - they truly are amazing!!! Casa Roca served as an incredible home for a memorable week!