Monday, May 09, 2016


One of Torin's new favorite things to do is to buckle his high chair. The only problem is that he likes to do it before he is in his high chair as everyone is getting to the table - and he gets MAD when we try to put him in!

Torin loves to sing in the store - by himself. Dani likes to sing along with him, but Torin says, "No, Mom, Stop!"

There are certain traditions that Torin holds us to. He loves scripture time - there have been times that either Jared or Dani has come home during scripture time to Torin tearing down the stairs yelling, "SCRI-TURES!" He knows exactly where Family Home Evening is and pulls everyone into the family room for it. He loves his blanket and his stuffed hippo and doggie and needs to sleep in a certain way with them and needs to say goodnight to everyone in the family.

Torin still loves sleeping with his hippo and his doggie, and now they need to be under his covers in a certain way. It's very important!

Torin loves hot sauce. Kind of. He definitely loves having it on his plate and he always dips his fingers or other food into it and eats it. Then, he starts sticking out his tongue and scratching the top of it on the bottom of his upper teeth and starts drooling. Sometimes he complains a little when he gets a too much, but he always asks for more. His favorites are Sriracha and Cyrstal.

He likes to Facetime and give cheesy grins and say Hi over and over. He gets to get to know his cousin, Nolan!

Torin is never left out of the family activities. He notices what is going on and always wants to be part of it.

From the time Torin was born, he had an air of calmness to him. He is still definitely a little toddler with the normal ups and downs, but he is probably the most even keeled of the kids at this age. He has some serious moments and sometimes looks quite unimpressed, but he's still a content little guy.

He is a sweet little guy!


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I adore the popsicle picture!