Friday, June 24, 2016

A wedding to remember

It was a joyous day for so many people! We have been looking forward to today for a long time! The bride and groom were beautiful and were so happy to share their wonderful day with friends and family who came in from around the country.

We were so happy to be in the temple with our family and friends. The Washington DC temple is beautiful!

Kate, since Amber wrote to her to ask her to be a flower girl, has been looking forward to wearing her beautiful dress and having her hair done pretty. Kate loved being with Adele, who was equally excited! We loved the picture of Kate looking up at the beautiful bride!

The boys were looking good!

Outside the temple, there were a lot of little people who were excited for their parts of the wedding. 

We were able to get lots of wedding pictures by the temple with all the wedding guests.

The boys looked handsome in their vests and suspenders - but wedding pictures can get long for little boys!

We were able to take a few family pictures while we were there. It was a long day of pictures for the kids, and I would say that they did as well as expected. Fortunately, the backdrops for the pictures were gorgeous, and we looked pretty good, too!

Between the pictures and the dinner, a big rainstorm rolled through. We were grateful to have had all pictures taken before the rain started. The kids did great during dinner. After dinner was done, Jared convinced Liam that he would have to dance in order to get cake, and Liam took that to heart and danced and danced. When Jared finally got him cake, Liam didn't even want it - he wanted to keep dancing! Kate joined in the dancing with Adele and the bride and groom.

The thing that Kate, Liam, and the rest of the kids had a lot of was the sparkling drinks!

It was a memorable day - complete with a glow stick tunnel sendoff.


Unknown said...

I too love the picture of Kate looking at the beautiful bride.