Monday, June 26, 2006

Jensen Cinema!

Welcome to the test run of Jensen Cinema! We have a nifty little camera we were given for Christmas (thanks mom and dad!) that we can take video clips with and put them on our computer. Consequently, we have videos that we'd like to share, although we don't know whether or not they'll work, but it's worth a shot!

The first is of Jacob and his "best friend," a.k.a. his pacifier. Jacob, I've decided, spends half his day either eating or sucking on his pacifier; the boy will have a strong jaw or will be very good at sucking a delicious, thick UDF hot fudge shake through a straw (mmm, Dani and I enjoyed one of those today)! The problem is, he can't seem to keep the pacifier in his mouth. The video shows the rest:

Claire has developed quite the personality. She is definately the oldest child! Sunday night, she was talking and talking in her Gloria outfit (see post below). It was really cute to hear her little baby voice and see her react to Dani. I think she's a little bit of a ham, you'll hear the noise at the end that I think shows that characteristic!
Join us in crossing our fingers that this works!


Camie said...

Jared--I couldn't open the movie--how do you do it?? Did you know you can make a link in your blog? Maybe you could have the movie somewhere then put a link to it.

amber nicole said...

yeah, i'm not so sure about the whole movie thing. but i am still cracking up (in a room all by myself) about little wayland and gloria. isn't it so weird how little babies can look like old people? HA HA

CMIl and Mom said...

Send me the movie. I'm dying to watch it.

Sid said...

i 'lymph node' you guys

Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.