Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Gimme those keys" and other adventures

It's been a while since we've posted, so we have some catching up to do. First, a little picture story. Jacob and Claire have been rolling pretty well recently, and they have been nicely playing on the floor with their toys (and toes). Dani left a pair of baby keys on the floor between Jacob and Claire one day. They both started rolling toward them, and Jacob, being the faster roller, got to them first...

Which, of course, Claire was not happy about...

So, she decided all she had to do is reach over and take them out of Jacob's mouth. But, she was foiled in her plot because Mom caught her red-handed! With this lesson now taught, we assume that this will be the only time either of them tries to take a toy from the other.

Other adventures:
- Vicki and Pat (Dani's mom and grandma) came from Wyoming for a week to see their grandchildren (and great grandchildren). They had a girls-night out at Spamalot, a musical, in downtown Cincinnati. We also ate out at a nice restaurant, took a "big-house" tour, played a game, went shopping (which I fortunately avoided!), and went to the Underground Railroad Museum. All in all, we had a great week!!
- My younger brother (Taylor) is the starting goalie for his high school soccer team. Their regular season has ended, and the playoffs have begun. 3 games later, and they are district champions, the last game won in penalty kicks where Taylor made a save to win it. We've spent lots of time watching games (and trying to keep warm!)
- ALMOST going to Detroit to see a baseball game - my beloved A's were in Detroit on a weekend, but unfortunately they got down 3-0, so the trip, the tickets, and the expense did not seem justifiable.
- My youngest brother was the lead in his high school play, the Yellow Boat. It was a great, emotional play and Andrew did a fantastic job. It's somewhat of a funny site to see a bunch of teenage girls sobbing because of my brother's acting! What a stud!
- I scored a goal left-footed in my company team's indoor soccer team's game. I think that should count double, because I'm really not very good at soccer, but I enjoy it. Posted by Picasa


Anne Marie said...

Jared and Dani, your twins look so great. As a fellow twin parent, may I just say that the first year is sooooooooo hard. There are so many diapers, feedings, bathings, etc., not to mention all the holding and soothing, oh and did I mention that maybe some housework and cooking in there too.....I have felt so often that being a twin parent is like learning to juggle while you're riding a unicycle when you're barely able to ride a bicycle. It's this amazing balancing act when there is always so much to do and so many people to help. When you go anywhere, you have to bring this giant stroller. When you come home, you normally have two babies crying. After you change one dirty diaper, then the other one's sure to follow. When one gets sick, the other one will too. Maybe one's playing happily on the floor, but then the other one needs to be held. Then maybe one takes a great nap, but the other one wakes up. It is absolutely crazy. But the good news is that when parents of twins are surveyed later in life, most of them will say that they would choose to have twins if they could do it all over again and that if they had other single children, the twins turned out to be EASIER in the long run (because they could play with each other and were better at entertaining themselves). So there's nothing about the first year or two with twins that makes it seem like a perk to have two instead of one. But if we hang in there, then eventually we'll probably feel like it was worth all the extra time upfront. Although I would not say it is easy now for us, it must be getting easier than 6 months ago because I'm actually cooking again and cleaning our house. So best of luck with your two cuties and getting through the ups and downs of twinners. Wish we were all so wealthy we could afford to hire a cook, a nanny, and a maid (there'd be plenty of work for us all to do). I'll be sure to check out your blog again to see how a fellow twin mom and dad are doing.