Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More fun pictures

I love this picture!!!
The TV gave the parents a few minutes to play some games.
I love this picture, too!
Claire has a really cute smile. Also, look at her shoulder - those are teeth marks from our little biter, Jacob! When Jacob gets frustrated, he bites things - toys, Claire, mom, the church door. He's only gotten me lightly once, but he occasionally tries.
Taylor graduated from high school a few weeks ago. Congats T!!!


Anne Marie said...

I wish I could promise that would be the last bite-mark you'd see, but alas...it might only be the beginning. My twinners have switched roles lately. Chris has finally decided to get his revenge and he has become our biter. Aaahhh! Your twins are very adorable and have grown so much.

Anonymous said...

hey jj i like that grad pic. haha. i love that we both have the same goofy wide-open-mouth smile

Anonymous said...

Ouch, poor Claire! You are going to have to find a way to make that boy a believer--that biting isn't a good way to release frustration.

I love the pics and had to go back from this page to see if you did have the same goofy wide-open-mouth smile--and you do, but I think it is a great smile.

Jeremy said...
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Julie said...

Oh where oh where have the Jensen's gone? Oh where oh where can they be??